Friday, February 25, 2011

Miami Here We Come

This begins our much awaited Eastern Caribbean cruise on Carnival Glory. We will spend the night in Sacramento (near the airport) and have dinner with friends.

Tomorrow morning we are off to the Sacramento International Airport on our way to Miami. We have to change planes in Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport, and then on to Miami International Airport. To say we are excited about this trip is an understatement.

I can remember many times I've gone along with Sarge Charlie and Empress Bee on their many cruises. I'm actually going to physically go along this time instead of reading their posts. Meeting them along with Sandy and Dick, and Barb, and Linda is going to be tits as Empress Bee would say. I also know I'll make new friends too, since this is a blogger cruise.

Miami, FL
- Miami is an international mecca with a colorful skyline and trend-setting culture. Claiming its place as a truly international city, you can feel Miami vibrate with the energies of different cultures coming together to revel in the beautiful ocean scenery and near-perfect tropical weather. Whether you're taking in the sights at a South Beach café, browsing the open-air shops of Bayside Marketplace or enjoying "un cortadito" in Little Havana, Miami is a melting pot for virtually anyone. (Our hotel is across the street from Bayside Marketplace).

So come along and enjoy all the sights and sounds. We plan on taking lots of pictures and you can see those when we return home.


  1. Bon voyage! Safe travels my friends. Give and receive some hugs from us!

  2. Cruising! Woohoo!

    I actually loved going to Miami every year for 20-something years. Until this year - this weekend in fact- my The Trade Show was always held in South Beach - the best part of Miami! I also love Coconut Grove which is about 10 minutes south. Awesome nightlife and cafe-style dining and music.

    This year the Trade Show is in Orlando for the first time ever, which would have been much close for me to drive... but I won't be attending this weekend, will I? Boy, the things I do for my friends! :D

    Safe travels, my friend. See you very soon! Big hugs :]

  3. Those hugs are getting closer:) See y'all Sunday!!!

    Safe travels, my friends...

  4. i love bayside marketplace! if you get in early enough you'd love it too i think, lots of shops and restaurants and places to sit along the beautiful aqua water... see you sunday!

    smiles, bee

  5. WE sure hope that all of you have one wonderful time. We know you will though. Have some fun for us too. Take care.

  6. Have a great time Sandee ... you deserve it! We look forward to hearing about the cruise and seeing pics!

  7. Have fun but look out for Pirates. Arghh.. Shiver me timbers... etc.



  8. Seriously?! Come on down?! I'll catch the first flight out and be there before dinner.

  9. Spaminator reporting for duty. Y'all have fun and enjoy the journey to Miami.

  10. Have a safe trip a safe cruise and oodles of fun.See ya when you get back.Big time Hugs to all.

  11. Bon voyage!
    Cruise ship is really great...even on picture. Hope, carribean pictures will coming soon?

  12. Hola Sandee! I am happy to present the Stylish Blogger Award to you and your blog, congrats and hugs!

  13. Wow have a great time Sandee, I'm sure it will be a blast! :D

  14. I have always wanted to visit Miami, I’m a big fan of Burns Notice, and the cruise sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun. Have a great time...

  15. Sounds like your gonna have a ball,

    Have a brilliant time

    Take care

    Steve :-)

  16. Safe traveling Sandee and enjoy the cruise to the absolute max!

  17. Have a great time. We'll be thinking of you

  18. Have a good time, but remember to come back!

  19. This is going to be such a great trip!
    I am so happy for you and Z!

    Have a great trip!

  20. Enjoy Miami Sandee. Say Hi to Don Johnson for me & watch out for the Vice (Bad pun I know but I couldn't help myself)


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