Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crossing the U.S.A.

We start out the morning around 3:00am so we can get to Sacramento International Airport, get our vehicle parked and check in. Our flight leaves at 6:15am so we can't fool around.

Then we can do some breakfast and coffee and then get mauled by the TSA. I think I'll just do the body scan as I don't want some stranger feeling me up. Just saying.

Our first stop is Huston, Texas and we'll have a layover there before we do the last leg into Miami, Florida. We should arrive around 5:30 in the afternoon and then we can get our baggage and head for the hotel. It will be good to get settled and have some dinner and a cocktail or two. We can finally relax. Apparently the hotel we are staying in has a bunch of other bloggers too. Remember this is Carnivals Bloggers Cruise. It's early to bed tonight as we have a big day tomorrow. We will leave the hotel at 11:00am to head to the Port of Miami and the Carnival Glory. Tomorrow we meet all the bloggers that I've been wanting to meet for a very, very long time.


  1. So the great adventure finally begins!
    Take care and have a good time. :)

  2. That's all going to make for one VERY long day but well worth every second of it. I can just imagine how excited you must be to meet everyone.

  3. oboy oboy oboy oboy! see you tomorrow on the ship!

    smiles, bee

  4. What fun to finally be on your way. You sure have waited long enough. We hope you have such a wonderful time on the cruise.

  5. What Bee said:) Big smiles here. See y'all TOMORROW!

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. Have a great time with bloggers you longed to meet!

  7. I can't WAIT to hear the stories and see pictures! Tell us about the bloggers you mean, what you learn, what you eat and what you drink. It sounds so fun!!

  8. Have a few Long Island Iced Teas for me...

    The Carnival Glory sounds like the place to be at...have fun...

  9. Whishing I were going along... but the spaminator is at work...

  10. Hope you get through airport security without spooning and pillow talk. Bring plenty of body condoms and cigarettes. Have a great vacation!

  11. Well it's 8:50 PM Eastern time, so I hope you are in your hotel, nicely satisfied after a good dinner, and enjoying those cocktails!
    How exciting, the big day has finally arrived!
    Since it's a bloggers cruise, will you be actively blogging as you go? I hope so.

    You are going to have a wonderful time!!

  12. oOooo A cruise! I'm sooo jealous!! Have a wonderful time!

  13. Have a great trip. Beware the TSA Gropers & don't get sea sick...
    Great photo too

  14. This is sooo cool, to be able to read your posts while on the cruise. I hope you having a last with all the other crazy bloggers. Be safe and big hugs.

  15. So great adventure finish!
    go go go.......
    Take care and have a good time


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