Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Career Girl

The beautiful young career girl had one unhappy trait, she would fall head over heels in love with a different man each week, always with the conviction that her latest beau was the man of her dreams, with whom she could live happily ever after.

One particularly devastating experience finally convinced her that she had to put an end to this distressing habit. She vowed to spend the next few evenings alone at her favorite bar to console herself.

As luck would have it, she encountered a handsome, well-groomed stranger, whom she couldn't resist approaching.

"Let me buy you a drink," the young man said, after she sat down next to him. "But I really must tell you that nothing will come of it." His reserve intrigued her, and after several drinks, her attraction to him had grown considerably. In fact, the more the fellow put her off, the more fascinated she became.

'Here,' she thought, 'is a truly fine young man who didn't try to take advantage of her body like all the rest.' Before she knew it, she had invited him to her apartment.

"I'm just not the type of person who does that sort of thing," her new friend replied, "but I'll come along for conversation." His hesitance increased her ardor for him all the more!

By the tune they had reached her apartment, she was irresistibly drawn to him. Once inside, she reclined languorously on the couch and beckoned to him.

"Please," he pleaded. "I told you this couldn't work out."

"But you don't understand," she said. "I want you for my husband!"

"That's quite different!" he said enthusiastically. "Send him in!"

Stolen from: Phil of Phils Phun


  1. Hehe! At least she had company for the night:) lay out :) It's nice Sandee :) Have a nice day!

  2. LOL! Finally everybody's happy.

    This new layout is way cool!

  3. I didn't see that coming. Love your new blog design!

  4. Ha! That was funny!

    It's a VERY nice new theme!! I liked the old one, too, but this is a nice, fresh change! Love it!

  5. Your blog design is beautiful and wow, was that a surprise ending. I had thought something entirely different. Now I have a great story to share.

  6. I really like your new blog design. It is so easy to look at which is a really dumb thing to say, but it is very nice. I posted your nice Friend award today. Take care.

  7. This is about the neatest, easily navigable, "clean" looking blog site I've ever seen. Nice job kiddo!

  8. Oh my lord! That was too funny!

    I like the new look of your blog.

  9. LOL--truly funny! Have a great Thursday, Sandee.

  10. Ohhh, I likey the new look! And the funny. Sure didn't see that ending coming.

    Have a super duper day. Big hugs, honey...

  11. Hahahaha! That made me chuckle!

  12. LOL... I did see that coming. Men are always up to something. hahahaha!

    Oh, I love green! Very purdy!

    Big hugs :]

  13. Ha Ha I was starting to think he may be gay toward the end but I didn't expect that particular punchline. Your new theme looks good too Sandee

  14. Hahaha... that was funny. For the husband...LOL

    Love the new decor... green is soothing...

  15. wow look at this new format! nice! very nice!

    smiles, bee

  16. Well he didn't mislead her.

    You've gone green!

  17. I didn't see that one coming :)

    Love the new look Sandee! Very pretty!

  18. Didn't expect the ending.

    Then new blog theme looks very cool...

  19. Oh you got me with that one. I did not expect that at all. Good one
    Like the new look.

  20. nyahahahahaha...i didn't know that was the ending hahaha.

    Anyway, I so loveeeeeee your new look Sandee.

    Great choice!

    Happy weekend.


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