Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Thin Blue Line

A tragic wave of violence against America’s law enforcement officers started this past Sunday, with 11 officers shot within a 24 hour time frame.

I ask you to join me in standing shoulder-to-shoulder with law enforcement, and Stand with the Thin Blue Line. The Memorial Fund is compiling a list of Americans to show our law enforcement community that we stand by them, as they work tirelessly protecting our communities.

The recent spate of violence began in Detroit, MI, when a gunman entered a precinct and shot four officers; next two Kitsap County, WA Sheriff’s Deputies were shot at a Wal-Mart while responding to a call reporting a suspicious person; and police officers in both Indianapolis, IN and Lincoln City, OR were shot during traffic stops. The officer from Lincoln City is still in critical condition, but the officer from Indianapolis succumbed to his injuries. The attacks continued on Monday when three officers were shot — two fatally wounded, and one injured — while serving an aggravated battery warrant at a St. Petersburg, FL home.

Several days ago, I shared with you the disturbing news that law enforcement fatalities rose in 2010.Unfortunately, 2011 continues in a similar fashion to 2010 – with 15 officer fatalities in the New Year, 11 cases where officers have been shot and killed.

Because of these terrifying trends, I also ask that after you sign your name to our pledge, please send this pledge to your friends and family, neighbors and colleagues.

The following officers are the most recent gunfire-related fatalities:
  • Clark County (OH) Sheriff’s Deputy Suzanne Hopper
  • Rainier (OR) Police Chief Ralph Painter
  • Baltimore City (MD) Police Officer William H. Torbit, Jr.
  • Lakewood (NJ) Patrolman Christopher Matlosz
  • Livonia (MI) Police Officer Larry Nehasil
  • Miami-Dade (FL) Police Officers Roger Castillo and Amanda Haworth
  • St. Petersburg (FL) Sergeant Tom Baitinger and Officer Jeffrey Yaslowitz
  • Indianapolis Metropolitan (IN) Police Officer David Moore
These men and women put their lives on the line for us every day, to ensure our safety, and we must stand in support of law enforcement.Please Stand with the Thin Blue Line and add your name to the growing list of individuals who are tired of the violence against America's law enforcement heroes. Help show the law enforcement community that we stand by them, at a time when they are under attack.



    Sorry Darlin that i'm not talented enough to make the above link look pretty, but it is to Chief Art De Werk's, (Ceres, California PD) (with whom we worked closely) article on the Perfect Storm in his local paper, where reduced budgets for police cause more criminal release from custody with less officers to deal with the problem.

    So today in the local paper two store owners are shot dead in the middle of Modesto in the middle of the afternoon. Yesterday was it that a man was killed not one mile from this shooting, and today Modesto PD announced the arrest and incarceration of several in the shooting of a man about 10 miles away about one week ago.

    Even here in Hicksville a couple of months ago two gangsters were stopped on a traffic incident and then claimed association with the Los Zetas Cartel of Mexico killing fame and threatened two Deputies of our own department (since retired after 60 years collectively).

    We may be old, but we by God ain't about to lay down! Strap on your .357 and let me get my 45acp then we'll loan Sarge Charlie and Empress Bee our his and her 870s.

    God Bless American - God Bless our military - God Bless our Thin Blue Line. God Bless all those who have served, do serve, and will serve.

  2. Preach it honey.

    Here's your link all pretty:

    Perfect storm brewing for more crime


  3. i've got my own zane!

    smiles, bee

  4. Thanks for helping us remember the GOOD guys! Heaven help the bad guys if they mess with me and my family!

  5. Eleven in 24 hours? My eyes are overflowing. Dick and I are armed and ready, at home or on the road. You'd better believe that. Bad folks--beware!

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Big hugs to you both...

  6. Thanks for this excellent post! This makes me sick at heart. The central valley is not a good place to be, and it's a shame. You know that my dad was in the FBI, and my daughter and SIL work for the federal government in the prison system. I hold law enforcement in the highest esteem and wish our leaders would support them!
    And we're armed, too.

  7. Boy that sure is a lot in such a short time. They sure have a dangerous job to do & deserve a lot more respect than they actually get. Imagine the anarchy on the streets without all these brave men & women on the job

  8. Eleven in 24 hours is a shocking number. I guess what the police have to deal with in your country is far different from mine.

  9. There is a reason for the increase in violence,but I doubt if most would want to hear it or believe in the truth of it. Just sayin'.

  10. 11 in a 24 hour period is a shocking and tragic number. When will it end

  11. That is totally crazy. It looks like something drastic needs to be done to stop crap like this from happening. I would imagine if 11 politicians were shot dead that something drastic would be done pretty dam quick, you can bet your last dollar on that!

  12. I should have said this sooner..

    Thank you!


  13. Signed and sad. What a world where a life is not looked upon as something sacred and no regard to the families and people their lives have meaning to. This senseless slaughter is so disturbing.

  14. Very very sad. . . There shouldn't be 11 in a year.

  15. Thank you, Sandee, for bringing this out. I have begun to preach about how much more we in this world, not just Americans, are taking out our frustrations with violence.

    If I were the new Czar I would ban computer games where the opponent was done away with, paint ball games and the like, and even handguns to a large extent.

    Speaking of czars, did you know that our country now has a domestic violence czar? I hope this helps. Again in this area I believe frustrations play a big part. That and a sad need for control.

  16. Thank you for honoring their sacrifices.

  17. I sad to hear that, it cause by we are have to long with the god


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