Friday, January 7, 2011

New Blonde Prefix

If blondes and bimbos were the same thing, the prefix 'bim' could be used to create new words that describe them:

Bimbabble - noises coming from a group of blondes.
Bimbaffled - constant mental state of blondes.
Bimbait - short skirts, sheer blouses, string bikinis or other clothing worn by blondes in an attempt to attract the attention of males.

Bimbar - a bar where blondes hang out wearing bimbait.
Bimbag - a blonde's purse.
Bimbrushes - essential equipment in a bimbag.
Bimbastic surgeon - specialist in breast enhancements for blondes.
Bimbeeper - special instrument used as a homing device for lost blondes.
Bimbellow - sound emanating from a blonde after she finally got the most recent blonde joke she heard.
Bimbillion? - a blonde giving an estimate of anything.
Bimblaze - the result of a blonde trying to cook.
Bimblues - a blonde's state of mind after her latest boyfriend ditched her.
Bimboette - a young blonde.
Bimbonese - language spoken by blondes, largely unintelligible to anyone else.
Bimbonique behavior - airhead behavior, unique to blondes.
Bimboozle - to fool a blonde.
Bimbore - a blonde who uses "like" more than 10 times in a sentence.
Bimbozo - another name for a blonde.
Bimboron - a blonde even less intelligent than most other blondes.
Bimbrownie - a well-tanned blonde.
Bimbrunette - a blonde who dyes her hair brunette, usually to appear smarter than she actually is.
Bimburden - blonde carrying too many bags at the mall.

I'm sure you'll share some of these with your favorite blonde(s).


  1. nyahahaha I guess Bimbar is the place where my ex loves to stay.

    I have learned something new today, hahahaha

    Have a great weekend Sandee

  2. Bimboozle...Bimbwahahahahaha! I like that one! Have a great weekend!

  3. hey! who you calling a blonde? ha ha ha

    smiles, blonde bee

  4. bimple- pimple on a blonde's face!
    great vocabulary...
    have a great day!

  5. bimbrilliant! I DO have several natural blondes that I will share this with today on Facebook!

    I met one of my friends about 15 years ago - over the telephone through - my business. She actually introduced herself by warning me that she was a natural blonde. She is, but she's extremely intelligent and totally unbimbonique!

    I hope you're feeling more like yourself today! Big hugs :]

  6. Love the Bimboozle. That must be a well used name. Those are all too funny. Hope you have a great week end.

  7. Now that's some funny stuff there!

    Hope you are doing well. Have a super Friday. Big hugs, honey...

  8. Poor blondes. It's tough learning a new language. Speaking Bimbonese is like speaking Mandarin. The voice inflections can be confusing.

  9. What do you call it when a blond dies her hair brunette? Artificial intelligence.


  10. LOL @ Bimbrunette.
    I'm 100% natural brunette thank goodness.

  11. I actually think you have the translation wrong on one word...Bimbozo describes the male blonde ;)
    get dictionary to have, even I get caught with the occasional bimnesias aka brain farts. I think is is cause by all these white hairs popping up all over my head? is there a Bimdoctor around? ;p !!
    ~Faythe @GMT~

  12. I like the sound of 'Bimbar' it has nice ring to it, but alas if it was full of blondes it wouldn't be a place I would want to hang out! And I noticed a Bimbait earlier today, and it was freezing cold and raining, she must have been Bimbaffled...

  13. Love your post! Funny as always.

  14. Bimboob...Pam Anderson

  15. Bimbvestite..I'm sure you can guess what that is :-)

  16. Bimbang...mmm, that probably self explanatory.

  17. I read these like a bimbillion times before I let out a great big bimbellow :)

  18. I was bimbazzled!

  19. OK, I have to laugh at all of these. No offense to my blonde friends.

    Have a great day.


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