Monday, January 31, 2011

My Ya-Ya Name

As most of you know hubby and I are going on a bloggers cruise the end of next month. During this cruise we will be hobnobbing with lots of other bloggers, but most importantly we will be cruising with royalty. Thanks to Barb of Aging Gracefully-ish (Duchess PMS) because she helped me find out my princess name.

 She typed in my full name (first and last) @ Ya-Ya Name Generator and my name is Princess Because-I-Said-So. I love it and it's mine forever. If you are curious about your name here's the scoop:

Ya-Ya Name Generator

On the edge of a moonlit bayou, the Mistress of Names, descendant of the divine tribe of Ya-Yas, now bestows upon you your official Ya-Ya name, forever joining you to the proud and true lineage of Queen Dancing Creek, Duchess Soaring Hawk, Countess Singing Cloud and Princess Naked-as-a-Jaybird.
Want to give it a go then click HERE and find out your Ya-Ya name. You can type your name in like Suzie Smith or Suzanne Smith or suzie smith or suzanne smith. Spelling it differently will generate different results.

Thanks Barb and I ordered the tiara at the top of this post. This cruise is going to be so much fun.


  1. OK Princess Because-I-Said-So, Ill go try it out. Be back soon with the results.

  2. OK I'm back with my Ya-Ya name. It's "Duchess Dancing Feet". I am so not impressed & it's mine forever apparently... :-(

  3. Have a nice day, regards Duchess Dancing Feet.

  4. It's a sisterhood, so it's for girls only. (But I already there, so I gave it a shot, and mine is Pow Wow. Prince Pow Wow?!)

  5. LOL @Tony. Yes, it is yours forever and ever, Duchess Dancing Feet.

    I love the pink, and I was tempted with color, but ultimately, being the purist that I am, I chose my usual real live Genuine Fake Diamonds.

    I. can't. wait!

    Big royal hugs :]

  6. I wish I could go... bummer!

  7. It would be nice if it recognized gender. Princess Howl at the Moon, just seems wrong for me. Well, at least the princess part.

  8. Sounds like your gonna have a brilliant time :-)

    Well i tried it for fun and mine is...wait for it......

    Empress Crazy-Like-a-Fox

    pmsl :-)

  9. well i'll just be empress bee (of the high sea) because that's who i ACTUALLY am! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  10. Oh fun! Using my married name, I am "Marchioness Lost in the Clouds". Using my maiden name I am "Countess Eagle Eyes". I think I prefer the former to the latter...

  11. Gracie is Countess Laughing Lemurs. She does love King Julien on Madagascar!

  12. Boy, Sandee -my old friends from school and my kids would most certainly agree that my Ya-Ya name is right on target -Countess Babbles On. I can think of several blogger friends who -after receiving notes from me or comments that ramble on and on -as does my blog quite often -who would also agree with this royal name too!
    Have a great day!

  13. Sandee, that sounds like loads of fun! :)
    I would have tried to finagle an invite
    but we will be in London that week.
    Sorry. Didn't I invite you to our Blogstock '08?
    I think I did. We had confield's of fun!
    BTW, my Ya-Ya name is Countess That-Voodoo-That-You-Do.
    Every name I put in came up with a girl.
    Now I remember, Ya-Ya's are female.

  14. Guess I am a mean ole bitch. I am Empress Stinging Scorpion. I don't think that game is fun at all. LOL.
    Hope all of you have a most wonderful cruise. I want every detail written down. Take care.

  15. Well, looks like I'm "Duchess Fishing for Complements"! How fun! Wish we were going on the cruise with ya'll!

  16. Well, looks like I'm "Duchess Fishing for Complements"! How fun! Wish we were going on the cruise with ya'll!

  17. I got 3 different ones:
    Vicountess Drunk as a Lord
    Countess Quiet Evening
    Queen Soars with the Wind

    Hmmm...I'll stay with Duchess Sandy of the Open Road, but reserve that queenie one:) That one also applies to me for sure.

    See you in less than a month!!! I like the sound of that. My tiara is ready. Big hugs, honey...

  18. I got four, but will go with my full name as it is now - 'Countess Dress For Less'.

    Have a great time Princess Because-I-Said-So :)

  19. I'm not very impressed with my name 'Duchess Talk My Arm Off' is that bad or what?

    The cruise sounds like it will be an amazing trip...have fun!

  20. I'm Marchioness Glimmering Moon. According to Google, my male peers and I outrank a count or earl, but are outranked by a duke. Go figure!

  21. I got Empress Running Mascara, Countess Road Rage and Queen Rattling Gourd. I can't decide which I like better, What do you think Princess Because I said so?

  22. Geez. In that case mine is Sir Kissa My Asso!!!

  23. Sandee,
    Your princess name is a riot! Princess Because-I-Said-So! LOL

    Princess Gail and I have finally decided we will not be going on the bloggers cruise. There are just too many things going on right now and it would be pushing it.
    We will miss you guys!

    Have a lot of fun on the cruise! Can't wait to hear the stories and see the pics!

  24. I gave it a try, and decided if i ever switch teams, I'll save the Queen something or other for my nickname..

  25. My wife's name is Countess Running Mascara

  26. Where's the guy's version? We demand equality!!

  27. That is just just wrong!!!!! lol

    Yours always,
    Princess Talks Too Much

  28. ...and I forgot to tell you - have fun on your cruise!

    Yours again,
    Princess Talks Too Much

    PS may be after all I do talk (write) too much

  29. I got Empress that voodoo that you do

  30. Sandee, I knew it all along. The Ya ya Sisterhood is a conspiracy. You all go to the ladies room in groups to have planning meetings. Yesiree!
    I knew it. It probably started in the Garden of Eden. Yepper, way back

    I am sure Miss Fluffy "Empress Cry
    Me A River" would like to go cruisin
    with you all. LOL

  31. Depending on how I spell out my name I can be either Duchess Life of the Party or Duchess Growling Bear. I'm thinking all that shall depend on what time of day it is!

    And by the by, your title is perfect and I love your tiara - very nice!

  32. Sandee! Have a very nice trip. I'll hold down the political fort until you get back. lol....Actually, you'll stay up on things better than I can.

    Talk to the ship officers, they've got very good boat tales and jokes....

  33. I stopped when it called me Empress! Piece of shit! Hehehehe...

  34. Oh Man! Mine is:

    Duchess Drives Like a Demon.

    I shouldn't have tried it, LOL!



  35. How fun! I am Countess Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out :)

  36. Yay!! Ya- Ya names ~ love it!! My Bunko group will love it too! Happy Cruising!

  37. Hi Princess Because-I-Said-So!
    I love your princess name. My married name yields Queen Moonless Night, my maiden name gave me Marchioness Plays-In-the-Rain. I have never played in the rain, so maybe I should do so soon.
    Enjoy your cruise! What fun!

  38. Too funny. I'm Countess Sitting Duck LOL...I feel like that sometimes!

  39. I hope I can join the tour.
    Ha ha ha, just dreaming only.

  40. hahahaha.. mine is so terrible but I make some twist and used the last name of my bf.. just day dreaming..

  41. OH wow, I wish I was going with you, I did check out the yaya name and I was given: Viscountess Chocolate that is the truth ahahaha

  42. HA! I am so named "Duchess Drives Like a Demon."


  43. This is so cool! I am "Marchioness Moonless Night" ... my ya ya name!


  44. Hi--I am now

    Marchioness Flys Like an Eagle

    officially and forever more!!

    Michele aka MikiHope

  45. Sandee--

    By now your cruising. TMF. Share your stories and pics when you guys get back.

    Have Fun, Be Safe, and stay away from the casino:>)


  46. hi there this is so cool, mine is

    Empress Road Rage...hahahah does this suits me, i don't know maybe, because I love to travel.

    share some pics of your cruise, Have fun.

    Empress Road Rage :-)

  47. this sounds very exciting.let me aklso have a try on this ya-ya name.nice share here.

  48. Awesome! I've got plenty names and aliases - actually got papers for these too - so I started off with my birth name and it came out "Princess Weeping Cloud". Changed the spelling of my last name with the German "umlaut", still came out "Princess Crying Moon" Aww, what's with that crying thing? So I tried my married name, result was "Princess Rude-As-A-New-Yorker", oh laughed my socks off! And now I tried my current name- birth and married name combined, got "Duchess Head-in-the-Clouds" Oh, yeah!

    Thanks for the post! Have fun on your tour!

  49. wow..tried it out..Countess Illusions of Grandeur..thats mine..tnx for that link..(",)

  50. Viscountess Smart-as-a-Whip!!!!

  51. nice entry and cool info......hope you can visit mine and leave a comment....see you on my world...

  52. Hm, I got Queen Drunk-as-a-Lord. Ok, I'll take that. :)

  53. Everyone gets a better name than I do.

    I'm Marchioness Clucks Like a Chicken. Isn't that awful? LOL

  54. I couldn't resist...Your cruise sounds like so much fun! Blessings from "Princess Raspberry Zinger". Not quite as eloquent as your "Princess"'ll do :)

  55. Simply irresistible post, haha! I tried this too.
    Since I tried my pen and real name, and here are my names:

    - Viscountess Howls at the Moon
    - Countess Raspberry Zinger

    I wonder what my nickname would give so I tried them too, and suddenly I became a princess hahaha!

    - Princess I Need the Ring First
    - Princess Babbles On

    Have a nice day everyone!


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