Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blogging Pet Peeves

Things about blogging that makes me scratch my head. OFTEN!

Why do you have comment moderation and word verification at the same time. Do you hate those that comment on your site that much?

Speaking of word verification, why use it at all. If you are afraid of spam (hey we all are) then moderate your comments. That way you won't have to worry about spam, and you aren't making your visitors jump through hoops to leave you a comment.

Music when your site opens. Okay some of it is okay, but your style of music may not be for everyone.

Seven tons of stuff on your sidebar that takes a week and a half for your site to open.

Ads that flash and jump all over the place. I swear I have a tic from some sites I've visited.

I comment on your blog but you've never commented on mine. Pretty soon I'll quit commenting. Just saying.

Rollover ads. I'll not come back to your site ever again. I've had Entrecard folks that I dropped on for a very long time then all of a sudden there are roll over ads. Bye.

Having too many ads. Okay by me if you want to earn some money, but if you have so many ads that I can't find much else then what is the point. Oh yeah...making money.

People with no profiles. Your comment is so going to get deleted.

Spammers trying to sell me Viagra. Hello, I'm female and I'm pretty sure I don't need Viagra. That goes for the male enhancement ads too.

Spammers that leave links to pornography. I'm just not interested okay?

Spammers period. Get a life will ya?

Colored text. My eyes are old and they just can't take some of these font colors.

So what blogging pet peeves do you have?


  1. Blogs with black background--hard to read and depressing to look at.

  2. I dislike most of what you have already said, and pop ups pop behinds the list goes on.

    The one that is annoying is over moderating comments and strong CAPTCHAS it just puts me off.

    Have a popup! free day LOL

  3. Blogs that takes forever to load because of the many ads...sometimes I wait but I do not have forever so most of the time I just go away :)

  4. I got a kick out of one of my spammers. They've been trying to post an "enhancement" ad for the last week on a particular post on my sewing blog. And I've deleted the comment each time.

    Today's spam comment on this particular post is now using the "I"m a poor african Male trying to make a living" angle, asking me not to delete the comment.

    I'm really tempted to go on this post and explain that he's reaching the wrong audience. My sewing blog has no male readers I know of! Sheesh.

    Music. I hate that. Blog reading is my quiet time.

  5. Word verification annoys me & sometimes they are so scrawly that I can't even make out what the letters are. I have had some blogs that I really enjoy visiting but after a while their no returning my visits policy eventually gets them removed from my RSS Reader.

    I find moderation to be a bit of a negative influence on discussion because then you can't see other's comments to reply to until they are approved. I figure that anything that slips through my spm filter can always be deleted later. My Wordpress spam filter is pretty good at catching the spam so I have very few problems

  6. The music thing is probably my biggest complaint.
    I'm not a fan of word verification and, like Tony, if you're going to use it, don't make is illegible.

  7. I dont know.... I could use a big penis, but I haven't seen one in years.... just sayin

  8. I use to have Blogging Pet Peeves, but I just don't visit those peeve-y blogs and guess what... the peeves all went away. Easy Peasy. Just saying.

    I started moderating comments after the first 24 hours some time back and guess what? I never get spam now. It's a beautiful thing. And it is waaaay better than Word Verification because the few commenting friends I have don't have to scrinch up their eyes and try to figure out the Captcha every. single. time. they come to my blog.

    I do have a black background on my photo a day blog, because it's JUST a photo blog and photos just look better against black. I don't allow comments on that blog anyway... it's just for me. :D I plan to have it printed at the end of the year as a memory book for me.

    I saw a post in my reader that you may be going to a new commenting system. I'm not fond of threaded commenting systems... But I love ya more than my luggage so I'll probably acquiesce for you... but I won't be crazy about it. Blogger Comments works fine and dandy for me.

    Big hugs :]

  9. dark background, comment moderation, too many ads and more outgoing links than incoming ones are some of my concerns about my own blogs. I need to correct them.
    have a great day!

  10. Rave on, sista. I'm with ya, especially on the word verification. I HATE those annoying extra steps and word captures. And folks who don't reciprocate on comments.

    I love my blogging friends. They know who they are:) February is coming soon. I just know it.

    Have a great day. Big hugs, honey...

  11. Great post! Boy, I hope my site doesn't take too long to come up or have too many ads! =) I also don't like the black backgrounds, and prefer white or light colors (mine are colored but light). Hope you'll let me know if my site has some of your pet peeves. Yours is great!

  12. My peeves are pretty much the same. I like blogging, and I like reading other people's blogs but I do have a low tolerance for bloggers who are only in it for the money.

  13. I posted a long,detailed comment and it never showed up - Sheesh! So okay I agree with everything you said and what everyone else said too!

  14. I use a captcha for those flagged by Akismet spam only (kills automated spam and gives real people a chance) and moderate the rest. Isn't that the best way?

  15. I don't like the music. And I sure don't like the word verification. I do moderate my comments to keep the spam out and I do get a lot of it and I will be darned if they are going to get their little add on my blog. Great subject Sandee.

  16. I have a spammer that takes me to task for moderating comments. He tells me I should use word verification. Then he continues with his spam message.

    I do use word verification on messages directly to me using my on site form. Sure beats 50 to 60 spam bot messages a day.

  17. one thing you have listed I am gulity of.I agree with the why just throught word verication.

  18. You listed most of my blog hates, but black backgrounds with white text makes me see double. I prefer plain white really, or at least a very pale colour.

  19. Pop ups, music, word verification and floating ads. Blogs are supposed to be diaries, not amusement parks. Just talk to me. Don't bamboozle me.

  20. I must admit I agree with everything. I sometimes truly wonder about some bloggers and whether they are sane or not! Those rollover adds, they are nothing but a pain and they seem to be becoming more and more common. And coloured text is just so wrong and off putting, are these people colour blind or what!

  21. all of the ones you mentioned and black backgrounds. those are really hard on my eyes.

  22. Woof! Woof! Totally Agree! I do have issues with spammers/scrappers - that copies content from my blog. I hope there's any way to get rid of them. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  23. I don't mind the comment moderation that much since spam can be such a problem, but some of those captcha words are difficult to decipher.

    Life would be so much nicer without the spammers who cause most of the problems. And the trolls who anonymously leave hate mail.

  24. It is weird when I see blogs that has got red backgrounds and pink fonts!

  25. There are times I visit a new blog and I get pop-up ads, autoplay music, and many unimportant animated beautification. All in one opening. While my PC is kinda outdated, so it's "jammed." Just imagine all the screaming before I could finally quit that blog, and never return again.

  26. I got rid of my music because so many people didn't like it. My biggest sin is that I am hit-and -miss with returning comments. I am so sorry for that. I know when people take the time to comment I should be responsible enough to return the favor. I so enjoy the comments...

  27. I agree 100%, but the worst for me is blogs that load slow, and have too many ads. Yeh it's Ok to make money, if you actually do, does anyone really make money off of Google ads, except the guys, or gals that sell those get rich schemes?

  28. @ Greg: I gave Google Adsense a try, my grand total for giving them ad space on my blog for several months? 5 lousy cents, Tried several other schemes too but all with similar results. Now I have decided they can all take a hike as they aren't getting ad space on MY blog for almost free

  29. I have to agree with all of what you said. And sadly I have been one of those bad recipricol commentors. Please don't leave me?! I am getting better. Trying to catch up today, as a matter of fact. But very worried my weekday/workday luxury of blog hopping might be coming to an end. I find out today if my Admin partner in crime is leaving us for a better job. I am happy for her to have the opportunity, and sad for her to be leaving us. Besides being much, much more work for me, I will truly miss her friendship. Fingers crossed she turned down the offer and is staying.

    Happy boating.. I am off to catch up on your other posts. :)

  30. I took off the word verification for a while (mine is a Google blog aka Blogger so word verification isn't as bad as some of the other variations which often do not work at all!) - I began to get people trying to put in spam in the form of book chapters (what is all that about?) - then some odd links and quotes that were just plain rude, etc .... so I put back the word verification. I might try it without once more as Blogger now have a spam seive in place.

    I too find some colours difficult to read and I dislike flashing pages ... they are slow to load and even if they have something wonderful and riveting in content it is impossible to read more than a paragraph without feeling that my eyes are being sucked out of my skull!

    Your site is wonderfully easy to read though so please don't be tempted to change it like so many do and in doing so spoil perfection!

  31. Great post!

    I know many do not like my black background, but my blog is much more of a photo blog, and I just like the way it looks.
    Many people already have multiple windows open, with music already playing ( I do anyway ) ... so when a blog with more music comes on you need to find the volume quickly, or just close the page.

    WORST of all, is a blog that opens a new window for some ad. Blogging sin of epic proportions

  32. I use Captcha on my Mummy Blog and I'm just about to install it on my Party Plan Blog, as I get inundated with SPAM comments to moderate at the moment!! :S


  33. oh man you are spot on honey! good for you!

    smiles, bee

  34. hard to read CAPTCHAS..
    colored fonts..
    comment moderation with verification (u mentioned)...
    leaving a not English message to my shoutbox...
    hard to load blogs.....
    asking me to ki$$ their ads...

  35. I used to be brave and leave off moderation and word verification. But the Chinese spammers finally won out. Blogger has mostly caught them now, but the Russians have replaced them. Some people just make it bad for the rest of us. I turn word verification on and off depending on the volume of spam (but it's Blogger so you can read the letters). I have moderation on only for old posts, since old posts seem to get a lot of spam, and my followers don't read my old posts that much. Heh. :) Again, all of this is spam-driven. I don't carry ads because I blog for fun and to regale people. I don't mind black. I hate pink for some reason. I won't allow self-loading music; I leave the blog as soon as I hear it. I have flash toggled off so pages load faster. What else? I guess I don't like a lot of things, huh?

  36. First thank you for posting this, hopefully some will pay attention. sidebars so full ads re overlapping, some are just a jumbled mess. Why do they do that?

  37. I think the Blogger spam catcher in are blog dashboard has been doing a good job for me. I hate word verification as well and I love this post Sandee and you with hugs! :)

  38. Conditional Captcha, a wordpress plugin, only asks for a captcha if Akismet thinks the post is spam. Otherwise, it just leaves the post. I still moderate comments, but let Conditional Captcha send the spammy stuff to the trash.

  39. Well, I hate to rain on your rant parade, but I'm a female, and I do, in fact, take Viagra. It's for my disease. It IS in a different dosage than is prescribed for ED, but did you know that sildenafil as actually invented for the treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension FIRST, NOT erectile dysfunction. Yup. Weird, huh?

    But, yeah, I don't get the moderation AND the word verification. Reminds me of the federal government; too much redundancy, when really it's just dunce-ity. ;P


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