Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Celebration

In honor of Jackie's (Painted Veil grand baby Chloe's first Christmas and my upcoming new great grandchild and because it will just be fun, we are hosting a Christmas Celebration blog hop. We will both publish the blog hop at midnight on December 23rd. It will be open until December the 27th at midnight.

Jackie's friend LadyJava made a button for everyone to pick up and add to their pages. I think that was really nice of her and I hope you will join us all for this wonderful celebration. I can't wait to see what everyone gets for Christmas, all the yummy food and of course everyone's decorations. You can share whatever you like about Christmas with us.

~Please grab the badge and join us in celebrating Christmas.~

It's just like The Turkey Hop we did at Thanksgiving. That was great fun and we shared a ton of links.. You don't have to do anything fancy at all. Share stories, pictures, memories of Christmas pasts, pictures from this Christmas, recipes, home movies, videos, snow pictures of those lucky enough to have a white Christmas, Christmas funnies, Christmas Devotions, etc...

~Everyone is invited-Let's Share Together~

We do so hope you will join us. Please leave a comment @ Jackie's, Painted Veil blog HERE letting her know that you are joining our Christmas Celebration blog hop.


  1. What a fun idea! Hope you're having a good week. Friday is upon us. Got big weekend plans? Hugs to you and hubby. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. You're having a great grandchild?! Wow! Congratulations!

    Have a glorious Friday, Sandee! Big hugs :]

  3. That looks like great fun. We will join the Christmas blog hop. That is pretty exciting that you are having a great grandchild. Hope you have a wonderful week end.

  4. what a wonderful idea!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. are going to be a great grandmother? That is so cool. I know you will enjoy every moment.

    Your blog hop sounds fun. Some how I missed the Thanksgiving one.

    Have a great weekend. Big Hugs back to you.

  6. Well I'm a great aunt several times over, so why shouldn't you be a great grandmother? ;)

    The blog hop sounds fun!

  7. Fabulous idea!

    Congrats on the upcoming great grandchild! That's exciting news!!!

    Big hugs from Jawjah...

  8. How the hell could you be ready for a great grandchild?????? That would mean you're not 29?? Hmmmm well I'll be doggone. And what a great Christmas gift. I was just informed myself I am going to be a grand dad. Ahhh what a wonder life is.

    Conrats Sandee, you are such a wonderful friend, wife, mother, grand mother, person, blogger. And soon a GREAT grand ma!! I am so happy for you and your family.

    Big Gigantic squeeze, xoxo

  9. Let's see: I won't be getting any presents; I'm not cooking; and I have no decorations. All my Christmas memories are downers - Guess I'll just stay home!

  10. Short message:
    Agree to your comment on RennyBA's White X-Mas.
    The original is from a warm Desert, not Coca's Santa nor Disneys Raindeer or Dreaming of a White Christmas...
    <tke care of your beloved ones during the season and do not freeze;D

  11. This does sound like a lot of fun, I plan on joining in

  12. Willy is increasing in Spirit Daily. Willy grabbed the button.

    Thanks and 10-4 Willy

  13. Wow, it looks like we will have great fun. I had quite a few people come over yesterday.

    And of course I have no clue how many have picked up the button here. I was sick all day yesterday and didn't visit anyone.

    I am visiting just a special few right now and then headed to make a post for today.

    I am going to do my best to track down everyone's links and give them linky love too for joining.

    I am so glad we are doing this together. I have already started building my post too.

    Of course, as we are having Christmas with Pam and Bill away from home I won;t be able to finish the post completely until the day before we are set to publish.

    Have a terrific day Sandee!
    Big hugs,

  14. I don't know if I'll have anything left. I've been sharing Christmas for a month now. Oh well.

  15. You look too young to be a great grandmother.... but I'm happy for you.

    I will join Jackie and you for the Christmas blog hop.

  16. I'm confused!!

    (( crying in the bloggers corner ))


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