Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Holiday Hop

Jackie over at The Painted Veil is doing a blog hop (holiday-hop). I've not done one in some time so why not.

What happens in a blog hop is if you enter your link on my site your link will show up on everyone that is participating in this blog hop. So go ahead and enter your link.
  1. The Painted Veil
  2. Comedy Plus
  3. And Miles To Go. . .
  4. Willa
  5. LadyJava's Lounge
  6. Driller AA
  7. Mike Golch @ Golch Central
  8. Mike Golch @ Mike's Place
  9. myWeb-BlogDotCom
  10. Carlota @ DashingSmiles
  11. bethere2day
  12. Roger Dman
  14. Moongodddesslei
  15. MySimpleandWonderfulLife
  16. Another day in paradise. . . .
  17. Artists & Crafters Supply
  18. Russ aka Grampy
  19. Phils Phun
  20. comatised
  21. Pardoned TG Turkeys
  22. Ann
  23. Traveling Bells
  24. WomanHonorThyself
  25. Jim
  26. Fly and Be Free
  27. Mom's Place
  28. Writings of an Introvert
  29. Infertility and Beyond
  30. A Simple Life
  31. Angliss-International
  32. Art by Tomas
  33. Blazing Minds
  34. Frelia's Blog
  35. Princess Wannabe
  36. Shy's Mixed Thoughts
  1. Peace Love Happiness
  2. LaBelladiva
  3. My Florida Paradise
  4. Babyboomer Flashback
  5. Gina's Music Memories
  6. Gina's Italian Kitchen
  7. Humor and Laughs
  8. Working Moms Corner
  9. Karen
  10. Rudraksha Beads.
  11. A Black Christmas
  12. The Weight Loss Plan
  13. Of Cats and Dogs
  14. It Occurred To Me
  15. Ladies with feet
  16. Tomas' sketchbook
  17. Laane on the World
  18. Getting Fit for 50
  19. Anime Hunt
  20. Crazy Mom
  21. Cross Popping
  22. Dropzone
  23. Forex Trading
  24. Men's Fitness Videos
  25. Michelle's Menagerie
  26. whats cookin' with molly
  27. Digital Rebel
  28. Funky Town
  29. Speakers Reviews
  30. Car Audio Systems
  31. Fraggle Rock World
  32. Workplace On The Web
  33. Anime Video Channel
  34. SoftwareApp
  35. Goal For The Green
  36. Information About Nature
  37. This linky list is now closed.

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  1. Sounds like fun. Have a great T-bird day Sandee love and hugs :)

  2. if only I had time for a blog hop. I'm having enough trouble visiting the regulars right now. Maybe I'll catch it next time around.

  3. I need a clone!

    Enjoy your day. Big hugs, honey...

  4. sounds like fun. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving~!:)

  5. Thanks, Sandee! I think by doing this late I won't get many. I'm like Ann above, very busy.

  6. Blog hopping here! :)

  7. My BESTEST blogger friend in the whole wide world. I want to wish you and your hubby a very wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving. I for one am very thankful to have you as a friend. Also all the best to the rest of your family, Glenn xoxoxoxo

  8. happy blog hopping and happy TG!

  9. Thanks for posting and joining in Sandee. I will never be able to visit everyone either.

    But, it is open until midnight Friday night. so maybe tomorrow.

    It gives those of us stuck at home alone something to do.

    Happy Thanksgiving again and big big hugs!


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