Sunday, October 17, 2010

San Quentin

One our way to the bay we always pass San Quentin State Prison. Over my years of working I've seen lots of men sentenced to death row. I always wave when I go by. The name that most will remember is Scott Peterson. California will just not execute those folks on death row. Well rarely in any event. The horrible crimes they have committed and been convicted of doesn't seem to come into play here. The term cruel and unusual punishment is a favorite term for the lawyers defending these death row inmates.

Here's more on San Quentin's track record:


All executions in California must occur at San Quentin. The methods for execution at San Quentin have changed over time. Between 1893 and 1937, 215 people were executed at San Quentin by hanging, after which 196 prisoners died in the gas chamber. In 1995, the use of gas for execution was ruled "cruel and unusual punishment," which led to executions inside the gas chamber by lethal injection. Between 1996 and 2006, 11 people were executed at San Quentin by lethal injection.

In April 2007, staff of the California Legislative Analyst's Office discovered that a new execution chamber was being built at San Quentin; legislators subsequently "accuse[d] the governor of hiding the project from the Legislature and the public" and a single viewing area; the facility that was being built included an injection chamber of 230 square feet (21 m2) and three viewing areas for family, victim, and press. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped construction of the facility the next week. The Legislature later approved $180,000 to finish the project, and the facility was completed. The old lethal injection facility had included an injection room of 43 square feet (4.0 m)
In addition to State executions, two federal executions have taken place at San Quentin as well, both in December 1948. Over the course of two days, three inmates under federal death sentences for murder were executed in the gas chamber. Samuel Richard Shockley and Miran Edgar Thompson died on the 3rd. Carlos Romero Ochoa died on the 10th.
Source: Wikipedia


  1. So that's the famous San Quentin. I wouldn't make a very good defense attorney because I would probably stand in front of the jury and say "Fry him" :)

  2. nice shot of the prison. Have a great Sunday.

  3. i always wonder if the criminals thought about the cruel and unusual punishment they were inflicting on their victims but then that never seems to matter much.

    smiles, bee

  4. Probably criminals always feel they are right1
    have a great Sunday!

  5. I always pictured it being out in the middle of nowhere. Never figured it would be near water, like Alcatraz...

    Cruel and unusual punishment... what Bee said.

  6. So that is what it looks like. I totally agree with Bee. I don't wish ill will on anyone, but why should we pay taxes to feed and clothe those horrible people that are killers. Take care Sandee, and have a fun one.

  7. Hang the bastards, hopefully they will drop hard and be Decapitated.

  8. I've often wondered about that phrase "cruel and unusual punishment" - like what they did wasn't - cruel and unusual? I wonder whether their victims would agree.

  9. Exactly what Miss Bee said. Exactly.

    Big hugs, hon :]

  10. I've only seen San Quentin once from a distance so I knew it was on the water but that's about it.

    Personally I've always felt that those convicted of murder should be faced with death via the same method that used on their victim(s). Seems only fair to me and who could complain it was cruel and unusual when the criminal was the one who did it first??

    By the by, I hope you're waving with one finger extended!

  11. Bee aptly expressed my thoughts. Somehow the prisoners are more important than the victims, and this is not right.

    Big hugs, honey...

  12. Sadly,there was never an attourney present to tell theinmate that they were committing a "cruel and unusual act"! That's my stort and I'm sticking to it. Fry the sons of a bitches!Don't just let them go to sleep.make them suffer.

  13. that is the irony of the justice system worldwide. when the criminals demand for due process and humane treatment, people take up on their cause without regard to the victims' or their families' feelings.

  14. Thank you, Sandee, for this lovely post! LOL

    No, seriously, it was very interesting. Kinda dark, but interesting facts.

    Don't pick up any hitch-hiking swimmers!


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