Monday, September 20, 2010

The Bacon Tree

Two Mexicans are stuck in the desert after crossing into the United States, wandering aimlessly and starving. They are about to just lie down and wait for death, when all of a sudden Luis says, "Hey Pepe, do you smell what I smell. Ees bacon, I theenk."

"Si, Luis, eet sure smells like bacon."

With renewed hope they struggle up the next sand dune, & there, in the distance, is a tree loaded with bacon. There's raw bacon, there's fried bacon, back bacon, double smoked bacon ..... every imaginable kind of cured pork.

"Pepe, Pepe, we ees saved. Ees a bacon tree."

"Luis, maybe ees a meerage? We ees in the desert don't forget."

"Pepe, since when deed you ever hear of a meerage that smell like bacon...ees no meerage, ees a bacon tree."

And with that, Luis staggers towards the tree. He gets to within 5 metres, Pepe crawling close behind, when suddenly a machine gun opens up, and Luis drops like a wet sock. Mortally wounded, he warns Pepe with his dying breath, "Pepe.. go back man, you was right, ees not a bacon tree!"

"Luis, Luis mi amigo... what ees it? "

"Pepe.. ees not a bacon tree. Ees ................

Ees ..............

Ees ................

Ees ................

Ees a ham bush....."

Hat tip: Babs of Beetle's Memories 'n' Ramblings


  1. My gosh, this is a good one. What a great way to start my day.

    A ham bush....LMAOOOOOOO

  2. Oh got me with that one. Hysterical, my first laugh of the day.

  3. we need more ham-bush trees.

  4. bwahahahahaha! Ees a good one, for chure!

    Happy Monday, my friend! Big hugs :]

  5. Watch your back. I think you may have the PC cops hot on your tail.

  6. Ham-bush. Ya got me!

    Happy Monday. Big hugs, honey...

  7. Now that was a good one. Didn't see it coming. I owe you a very belated, but very full of love and warm wishes, Happy Birthday. We were vacationing and I just saw the post from your hubby.

    Hope you had a spectacular day. So sorry we missed it. Was there cake?! :)

  8. i want a bacon tree, not a ham bush! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  9. LOL a Ham bush. Good one. I like that. Thanks for the good laugh today. Have a great week.

  10. oh gosh you know you've had a hard day at work when you read this joke and have to re-read it because you didn't get it the first time! :) Very funny nonetheless :)

  11. lol... did not see that coming!

  12. Laughing...That was a fun read!

    Good job, as always~

    Thanks for the laugh~

    Love, Annie

  13. Hahahahaha ham bush! love it! thanks for the laugh Sandee.

  14. Happy Monday! Hope it was a great one.

    Big hugs!


  15. This one is too funny!! I would have been dead myself. I love bacon! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  16. great one! hope to get ham bushed more often by your posts.

  17. Nope, didn't see that one coming at all!!! I really needed a good laugh, too. (I just came here from Sarge's - go see what someone wrote)


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