Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Travel Warnings

This information comes directly from Travel.State.Gov of the U.S. Department of State. Some of these countries are not surprising one bit and they wouldn't be a destination for me. One in particular caused me to do this post. That would be Mexico. Why?

Well, we can't travel as American's without passports and the Department of Homeland Security wants to know every flight and every hotel when you are traveling. This was all required for the upcoming Bloggers Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.

So why don't they care about the millions of illegal aliens that just walk across the border? Why are American's told to stay out of this Park Land in Arizona? That's because the Mexican drug smugglers and human traffickers have taken over that piece of Arizona. Do you find something not quite right about this? I do too. Click on any link to read why traveling to these countries is dangerous. Especially Mexico if you live in the United States of America.
Travel Warnings are issued when long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable lead the State Department to recommend that Americans avoid or consider the risk of travel to that country. A Travel Warning is also issued when the U.S. Government's ability to assist American citizens is constrained due to the closure of an embassy or consulate or because of a drawdown of its staff. The countries listed below meet those criteria.
Haiti 06/24/2010
Israel, the West Bank and Gaza 06/20/2010
Guinea 06/16/2010
Nepal 06/15/2010
Nigeria 06/15/2010
Afghanistan 05/25/2010
Burundi 05/19/2010
Cote d'Ivoire 05/12/2010
Niger 05/11/2010
Mexico 05/06/2010
Georgia 05/03/2010
Congo, Democratic Republic of the 04/21/2010
Philippines 04/02/2010
Algeria 04/02/2010
Lebanon 03/29/2010
Iran 03/23/2010
Kenya 03/16/2010
Colombia 03/05/2010
Eritrea 03/02/2010
Central African Republic 02/26/2010
Yemen 02/25/2010
Iraq 02/25/2010
Saudi Arabia 02/18/2010
Pakistan 01/07/2010
Sudan 12/31/2009
Somalia 12/31/2009
Mauritania 12/02/2009
Chad 11/23/2009
Mali 11/19/2009
Uzbekistan 06/16/2009


  1. I took a good look at that list. Who the HE double toothpick, would want to travel to these countries?

    Now when it's too dangerous to travel to Arizona, that's a whole nuther Enchilada.

    Seriously though, we have some scary times ahead. Without sounding 'racist' WE, US are the MINORITY.

    The Progressives have their 'tipping point' and it is here.

    And this is NO JOKE :>/


  2. wow scary stuff and i agree with don's comment above.

    have a great day anyhow and don't go there!

    smiles, bee

  3. I totally agree, who would want to travel to these places and it doesn't seem right that they can come here with no problem. Times are really scary right now and I don't think it is going to get any better.
    Have a great day.

  4. I used to check this website religiously before I traveled to China. Have a great Wednesday.

  5. Ok, you have to learn not to use illegal aliens, they are undocumented democrat voters.

  6. I think I'll travel to Texas! I've heard it's like a "whole other country"...and, it's not on the list.

  7. It is very informative.
    Have agreat day!

  8. We are no longer the most powerful country in the world, but we are now the most scoffed at country in the world. We dare to profess to be able to defend and liberate other countries but we can not even secure our own borders? Pathetic.

    Why isn't our military there securing our borders instead of 'over there', Mr. President?

    As an aside: Did you notice that that Palin County Sheriff said his county was bigger than the state of Connecticut! That's one big county!

    Like Miss Bee said - don't go there!

    big hugs :)

  9. How incredibly sad is it that you can't even safely travel to a part of your own country because people from another country have taken it over? No wonder the Governor of Arizona is trying to gain some control over her state and yet the federal government thinks that's wrong. I think the federal government is the one that's wrong here.

    Scary stuff and definitely scary times ahead.

  10. Our western travels definitely included AZ in support of their immigration policy. We won't be going to Mexico any time soon!

    Big hugs, honey...

  11. I agree with the other comments. I wouldn't want to go there.

  12. I travel no where and have never had any deep and abiding desire to go to Mexico but please give credit where credit is due to CBP (Customs and Border Patrol). These government employees work long and hard and often under great danger to patrol the country's borders. Just thought I would give a shout-out to the hard-working people who do a difficult job on a daily basis. (In interests of full disclosure my husband is retired from CBP and currently works as a consultant for them.)

    And yes, I agree, bleeding heart liberal that I can be on occasion, what part of the word "illegal" confuses people?

  13. Sucks to be me. I was planning a trip to the Congo and Mauritania next year.

  14. Makes you wonder, we send our troops over to Afghanistan, Iraq and any number of places, under the guise of protecting American lives, but our own borders we let the drug lords and human traffickers run them.


  15. Well I guess there's a plus side to not being able to afford to travel :)

  16. I have a friend in Yuma and she says it's just awful down there...

    It's sad... just sad...

    LOL@ got that right!

  17. Wowie!! Most of our extended family lives in Arizona in the Phoenix area and we pray for them everyday!! And we agree with sarge, too!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,


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