Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Carnival Glory

I wanted to learn a bit more about the vessel us bloggers will be enjoying next February. Sounds pretty impressive to me.

Carnival introduces a whole new spectrum of fun with the CARNIVAL GLORY. She is the most impressive and imaginative vessel in the "Fun Ship" fleet, in addition to being the largest floating resort ever to sail from Port Canaveral. Every convenience and feature our guests have requested most have been realized in her design, including countless dining and entertainment options, and every service and amenity you can imagine.

Places to Visit

On the Carnival Glory, the entertainment is beyond dynamically inclined as possible for a floating resort the size of three football fields. We promise the only time you'll spend idle, is bedtime... that is if you find time to sleep. Otherwise every minute of your day will be filled with breath taking entertainment. Whether your preference includes enjoying a Las Vegas-Style Shows in the Taj Mahal, test driving our bars and nightclubs, or simply indulging in live entertainment.

* Full Gambling Casino
* Main Show Lounge
* Cigar Lounge
* 22 Different Bars & Lounges
* Dancing
* Teen Club
* Video Game Room


Once you're aboard Carnival Glory, we guarantee boredom will no longer become a concern. On the other hand you have two battles to conquer, which will be what to do next and finally how long it will take you to pull yourself away from the ship.

* 4 Swimming Pools, 1 with a 214-foot-long Water Slide
* 15,000-square-foot Health & Fitness Facility
* Internet Cafe
* "Boulevard" of Shops & Boutiques
* "Action Alley" - A Recreation Center Housing a Video Arcade
* Teen Coffee Bar & Dance Club
* 3,300-square-foot Children's Play Area
* Multi-Media Conference Center
* Expansive Sports Deck - with Basketball & Volleyball Courts
* Jogging Track
* Card Room
* Game Room

I think I'm going to like this vessel very much. Want to come along? Call Edward Garcia @ 800-819-3902 ext. 82614. He'll treat you like royalty!


  1. miss bee and i have sailed the glory, she is one fine ship. be there or be squre........

  2. I don't think one week will be enough on this ship, do you? Wow! The hard part will be deciding what to do first!

    I know that I'll be spending several evenings at the piano bar, because I heart piano bars very much!

    Big hugs xo

  3. what to do first? lunch on the lido upon arriving, cabins will be ready by 1:30, meeting and greeting, exploring, dod (drink of the day) if you're so inclined, sunning, swimming, napping...

    smiles, bee

  4. That sounds incredible. Everything you could possible need is on that big vessel.

  5. Do you have any room in your suitcase? That looks and sounds awesome!

    Big Hugs!

  6. what an informative post! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun.

  7. I was checking out the website last night myself and trying to figure out what/where/when/why! I think I'll definitely be hanging out at the Piano Bar with Barb and I most definitely want to check out the Black & White Library.

    I'm glad I'm going on my first cruise with a group of seasoned veterans as otherwise I think I would be totally lost though truth be told, as long as there's a deck chair somewhere I can occupy, I'll be happy!

    Come on February!

  8. Bee has it exactly correct on what to do first upon arrival! I am sooo excited about this cruise and this ship, our first time on this one.

    Have a great day, honey. Big hugs...

  9. Well darn, that looks like so much fun, guess there won't be any blogs from all the people on the cruise. I would love to go but the animals and I would have to starve for many years to do that.
    Have a great day.

  10. Looks like we won't have to work, just eat sushi?

  11. Wow is there anything they don't have on that ship?

  12. Wow, I am actually going on that ship in August with the family. It sounds like a great time!

  13. Sounds like you are in for a grand time.

  14. Dear Ms. Dee, I have heard of your legendary humor blog and thought I would visit today. I admit you didn't disappoint. Although some might not find the process of planning sea cruises all that funny, I did get your ironic twist right away. If I were forced to point to one single thing that especially made me snort, it would probably be your placement of the Ebony Cabaret Aft Lounge 10th on the list. Aft indeed! I wonder if anyone else enjoyed your humor today as much as I did? No, not possible. Keep up the good work. Your legend is understated.

  15. Woof! Woof! FUN boat. For sure you guys will have a great time. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  16. I REALLY REALLY want to go. But alas, no one to share a room with. Boo. One day I will get on a cruise.

  17. This is one of my wildest dreams. They say some dreams do come true and I am hoping this one will. :D

    You surely will have a super wonderful time in that Carnival Glory!

    All the best!

    -Fledgling Blogger-


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