Saturday, May 22, 2010


Control freaks are often perfectionists defending themselves against their own inner vulnerabilities in the belief that if they are not in total control they risk exposing themselves once more to childhood angst. Such persons manipulate and pressure others to change so as to avoid having to change themselves, and use power over others to escape an inner emptiness. When a control freak's pattern is broken, “the Controller is left with a terrible feeling of powerlessness … But feeling their pain and fear brings them back to themselves”.

Hat tip: Babs of Beetle's Memories 'n' Ramblings

Current whereabouts: Boat!


  1. bwahahahaha! Of course, she does. It's very therapeutic to burn off all that anger with hard work. See how calm she looks now?

    Have fun on the boat! Big hugs xo

  2. I have learnt one more method of anger control!
    have a great weekend!

  3. I always found that I did my best cleaning when I'm mad. I'll have to remember this little twist the next time. I love it.

  4. what a way to releave your self.

  5. Bwahahahahaha! I am laughing so hard! Whew! Retaliation doesn't really have to be in a form of violence. LOL

    Honestly, this made my day! Big smile here. :D

    Have a fantastic weekend! ^_^

  6. Women can always outfox their man!

    Have a great w/e. Big hugs, honey...

  7. Okay that one *really* made me snort my coffee. Then I showed it to Hank and told him to behave...

    I gotta go hide my toothbrush...

    Have fun on the boat!

  8. Darn, had to go change my undies on that one. That is terrific. But what a good idea.
    Good boating to ya.

  9. genius!!!

    happy saturday honey. i thought it was sunday! i guess i forgot to take my fish oil!

    smiles, bee

  10. Patooie! I hope the poor guy gargles after brushing!

  11. Fortunately cleaning the toilet is my job! I guess I never looked at it that way before now.

  12. I actually did that once. We're divorced now. Have fun on the boat!

  13. hahahaaaaaa.... I almost fell of the chair =)) =)) =))

    will do this someday maybe =))

  14. OMG... we need a locker for the brushes :)


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