Sunday, April 25, 2010

Caption This

Photo captions, also known as cutlines, are a few lines of text used to explain or elaborate on published photographs. In some cases captions and cutlines are distinguished, where the caption is a short (usually one-line) title for the photo, while the cutline are a longer, prose block under the caption, generally describing the photograph, giving context, or relating it to the article.

Captions more than a few sentences long are often referred to as a "copy block". They are a type of display copy. Display copy also includes headlines and contrasts with "body copy", such as newspaper articles and magazines. Source: Wikipedia

Okay, you all know the drill. Do as many captions as you wish and I'll pick first, second and honorable mention the first part of the week. Just have a great time.

Current whereabouts: San Francisco - Opening Day on the Bay!


  1. "Where's the damn snow?"

    Where is the damn linky?

    "Only 500 more miles to go."

    "That's right son, don't look at that crazy man. Let mommy do it."

    "The invitation did say black tie."

  2. oh my.... I just can't help but laugh at the photo!

  3. I think a shrinkage factor is involved!

    Enjoy your day, Sandee. Big hugs...

  4. Lionel thought wearing a fat suit would add padding for falls. Little did he know the police waited at the bottom of the hill to arrest him for indecent exposure.

  5. If only this tie were a liiiiittle bit longer. Not much longer, just a little bit.

  6. You know what they say; hard hat, soft... um... heart?

  7. I tried to Linky my captions by the way but I didn't have any luck with it. Appears that I am Linky-challenged. Still had fun giving my two cents worth in your comments.

    Hope you had fun this weekend!

  8. Well, the sign did say that this was a hard hat area.

  9. "Tits like these get me to the head of the line at Starbucks!"

  10. 'Ooops it is little cold here - watch your eyes fellow citizens'

    'What are you looking at, have not seen the new version of Michelin man yet?'

  11. Wassamatta, baby? I thought you liked skinny-skiing!


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