Friday, March 5, 2010

Fridays Smile

Rescuers carry a puppy found alive in a destroyed house in Constitucion, Chile, Monday, March 1 , 2010.

An 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck central Chile early Saturday, Feb. 27, killing at least 708 people and destroyed or badly damaged 500,000 homes.
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  1. May God bless those souls...

  2. Loving thoughts sent their way!

  3. It was very tragic but thank God some were still save including this dog.

    There are things that we could not fathom in this world. We just need to have the faith.

    (Fledgling Blogger)

  4. That does bring a smile. I sure hope he has a home...and a family. Sad situation down there, but much better than Haiti, and for that, I am grateful.

    Big hugs, honey. Have a great w/e!

  5. Thank God it was not nearly as bad as Haiti! That is one lucky pup.

  6. Oh thank heavens the little dog was saved. Hope his family was saved too. Thanks for the smile this morning.

  7. Lucky pup...

    Have a great weekend!

  8. All these earthquakes lately are making everybody uneasy....not everybody is as lucky as that pup! I really hope the earthquake machine shuts down permanently soon...

    Anyhoo, have a super weekend Sandee!

  9. Poor, sweet baby. I sure hope his family is alive and well, too. So many pets have been de-homed and their very survival is threatened. They've never had to fend for themselves.

    Big hugs xo

  10. some of life's heros...

    smiles, bee

  11. I saw that on the news. Poor thing, I can't imagine what was going on in the puppy's mind.

  12. It is easy to forget the pets that suffer during tragedies. I'm glad the pup was OK. Prayers for ALL in Chile.

  13. Amazing, that is why the rescuers never give up hope. He almost looks like a small cougar in that picture.

  14. one small puppy is a sign of hope that there are others who have also survived. Such a tragedy

  15. That is so sweet! But I have to wonder what happened to his the rate the earthquakes are going, I wonder where they will hit next?

  16. Hey people pray for that pussy accessories

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  18. the guy is lucky! I condole the disaster. May God help the poor people.

  19. We also have earthquake here in our place (Davao) but just a very slow earthquake..and take note, sometimes, we have earthquake everyday..

    Glad that the dog was save...hope he can find his family.


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