Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Caption This Winners

Another fine week of hilarious captions. I love it. It also makes it very difficult to choose the winners too.

Don't you just love the prizes? Okay, perhaps I need to work on that one. A prize would be nice.

So let's get with the program and announce the winners...and here they are:

First place goes to Frank of Foxxfyrre's Honk'n'Holl'r with Security is at an all time high at this years G8 Summit. As you can see they are bringing in the cones of silence.

Second place goes to Jennifer of Dust Bunny Hostage with It was bound to happen... Charo cuchi-ed one cuchi cuchi too many.

Honorable mention goes to Jordasche Bledsoe of The Star Celeb with Pamela Anderson Removes Bra To Breastfeed Baby Kills 45,000.

Caption This participants (in order of appearance):

Frank of Foxxfyrre's Honk'n'Holl'r
Joanne of Another Day in Paradise
Kelly of Muffin Top Monologues
Barb of WillThink4Wine
Sarge Charlie of Sarge Charlie

Marg of Margs Animals
Jack K of One Man's View from Lansing, KS
Linda of Are We There Yet??
Sandy of Lil'Maddies MeeMaw
Don of Beyond Left Field

Sandy B of Traveling Bells
Gruntilda of The Shitty Astrologer
Rajagopalan of Just Out
Dawn of Twisted Sister
Freda of Day One

Grace of Hugz Before You Go
Empress Bee (of the High Sea) of Muffin53
Ann of Ann's Snap Edit & Scrap
K of iTravel
Jordasche Bledsoe of The Star Celeb

Bonehead of Bonehead
BeyondFeron of FREE Affiliate System
Glenn of Man Over Board
Jim of Jim's Little Blog
Jennifer of Dust Bunny Hostage
Roger of Roger Dmans

THANK YOU to everyone that played along.


  1. Thank you! I think the caption me posts are awesome. It's fun to play along.

    As far as prizes... link love is fine! A blog button to display on our sidebar might be good though - sort of like a trophy :)

    Have a wonderful day Sandee!

  2. Great choices, Sandee. This is always fun to read and see the humorous descriptions. I always love comedy, and you provide that nicely.

    Big hugs to ya...

  3. congrats to those witty winners. Love those captions

  4. I love the captions.

    You have such witty readers.

  5. Thanks Sandee
    These are just too much fun.

  6. My caption for this " It belongs to Alien LIfeForm" Ha ha ha Hugs @lilruth


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