Sunday, February 21, 2010

Social Media Revolution

After watching this video it made me wonder what is going to happen in the next decade or so.

We just keep going faster and faster.

This is an interesting look at where we are and where we go is anyone's guess.


  1. Great video and interesting information. Facebook is amazing. I have people find me that I taught riding lessons to in the sixties. Amazing.

  2. This is like amazing! SO right a video!~

  3. wow i sure learned a lot! i knew a bit of it and thought i was pretty savvy but nope, not so!
    ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  4. Wow! I knew it was popular, but hadn't really given it that much thought. I have to admit, I do all my buying after searching online to see what the 'people' say about the goods first.

    BTW, my email addy I used to send you stuff is defunked and I don't know if you're getting what I send. As you haven't responded, I think maybe you're not :(

  5. Kind of scary the way that stuff is vid though.

  6. 200,000,000 blogs? That makes me feel even smaller and Pioneer Woman look even bigger :)

  7. Hope your enjoying your Sunday and relaxing or boating or both. How's the eye doing, Big Hugs xoxo

  8. Sorry to use your comments for this but I can't mail you. It seems your service provider has me blocked for abuse! :)

    blocked by
    521 DNSRBL: Blocked for abuse.

    Won't be able to send you any more, and I had a good one too.

  9. interesting info and impacts...

  10. That video was great and very interesting. And a little support for me in all my activities for those people I know who think it is a waste of time. Truly they don't understand. They were probably the same type who asked what you were going to do with a computer at home...leave it in the office..

  11. I've been saying that idiots drive the economy for 50 years. I would have said it sooner, but I was living at home.

    Did these idiots rip off Moby without credit or just plagiarize? If I post this video on my site it obviously a parody.

    It's stupidity that needs the economy. I got drugs and my cave walls.

    The rest of the world is sewage.

  12. Nope, it's certainly not a fad. We humans can never go back, at least not willingly. Technology is here to stay, but never to stay still.

    Big hugs xo

  13. Hmmmm, barb seriously? Humans never go back although they have nowhere to go. Interesting concept.

    I suspect that the human species was placed on this planet precisely to engage in the same or similar global annihilation activity again and again.

    Look around. Most of the important information is stored on media with less than 100 years of viability. Despite the fact that dead people still have active Web sites decades beyond their expiry dates does not bode well for human kind.

    The only thing September 11, 2001 could have possibly taught the idiots among us is that permanence is ephemeral, and apparently that lesson was lost on you.

    Science has shown repeatedly in observed samples of less intelligent terrestrial lifeforms (search for Galveston prairie dog experiments in the sixties and seventies) that life is insane (and to me, mostly, inane) and is destined to destroy itself every identifiable species cycle.

    For humans, I figure that to be approximately 6,000 years, which is the number usually bandied about by creationists. Complete idiots, by the way.

    Don't worry. They won't survive either.

  14. Those were some interesting statistics and something I had been assuming for a while now. It's nice to be part of a movement, and somewhat at the forefront.

  15. that was interesting,but I could not watch it triggered a seizure.

  16. Very interesting stats.

    Sending big hugs, honey...

  17. A lot of food for thought--incredible!

  18. Wow! Fascinating video AND fascinating comments. Lots to think about while I finish up my art cards tonight.

    This morning I weighed 156!!!!

    and then, I put all of my clothes back on and weighed again and weighed 158.5. Dang it! So I took my clothes off and weighed again and again ... and again! I weighed 158.5 every single time. Man ... I sure wanted to see 156 again ... but at least it's half a pound lighter than I have been in 7 years. And I am only 2 and a half pounds away from 156.

    I credit the loss to chocolate. I had a yummy piece of sea foam dipped in chocolate last night before bed. I also stayed up til 4 in the morning cleaning. Maybe that did it?

    I love you!

    You keep up the great work on your weight loss!

  19. comments are closed for "caption this" ... I just wanted to say:

    LOLOLROFLMAOLOLOL @ Jennifer for the "don't look for truffles NOW." comment.


    hee heeeeeeeeeeeeee


  20. You DO know that pig joke, don't you? Three mud bathing pigs are arrested ... they come before the judge ... what's the charge? Blowing bubbles in the mud. This is ridiculous says the judge. Don't waste my time!!!
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    Yes sir! Is that illegal?
    No! You are free to go.
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  21. ... no no no ... I was about to say something but it's just TOO inappropriate.

    heee heeee heeeeeeeeeeeeee

  22. I am awestruck at the power of Social media! Have a wonderful day!


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