Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meeting Gray Davis

Hubby and I have never been much for politicians. We were surrounded by them when we were still working and have had numerous pictures taken with them. We always tossed them when the photographs were given to us. Well, one didn't get tossed. This was taken while Gray Davis was running for governor of the State of California. I was running programs (jail alternative program) at the time. How do you like that very blond hair? The gentleman in the middle is Sheriff Les Weidman (he's retired now). Best sheriff I ever worked for. Yes, I'm sure you all can figure out which one is Gray Davis. Didn't vote for him by the way. Just sayin'.

Joseph Graham "Gray" Davis, Jr. (born December 26, 1942) is an American politician who served as California's 37th Governor from 1999 until being recalled in 2003. Davis is a Democrat who was often known as a moderate. Prior to serving as Governor, Davis served as Chief of Staff to Governor Jerry Brown (1975–1981), California State Assemblyman (1983–1987), California State Controller (1987–1995), and the 44th Lieutenant Governor of California (1995–1999). Davis holds a B.A. in history from Stanford University and a J.D. from Columbia Law School. He was awarded a Bronze Star for his service as a Captain in the Vietnam War.
During his time as Governor, Davis made education his top priority and California spent eight billion dollars more than was required under Proposition 98 during his first term. Under Davis, California standardized test scores increased for five straight years. Davis signed the nation's first state law requiring automakers to limit auto emissions. Davis supported laws to ban assault weapons. He is also credited with improving relations between California and Mexico. Davis began his tenure as Governor with strong approval ratings, but those ratings declined as voters blamed Davis for the California electricity crisis and the California budget crisis that followed the dot-com bubble burst. Voters were also alienated by Davis’s record breaking fund-raising efforts and negative campaigning.
On October 7, 2003, he became the second governor to be recalled in American history. Davis was succeeded by Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger on November 17 after the recall election. Davis spent 1,778 days as Governor, and signed 5,132 bills out of 6,244, vetoing 1,112 bills. Since being recalled, Davis has worked as a guest lecturer at the UCLA School of Public Affairs and as an attorney at Loeb & Loeb, and sat on the Board of Directors of the animation company DiC Entertainment.
Source: Wikipedia
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  1. Is it possible? You have gotten prettier with time...

  2. The closest I've ever gotten to a politician was the Mayor where I lived in central Florida. He owned a few print shops who were customers of mine. He never stopped being a slimy politician, even for his business.

    Big hugs xo

  3. The blond hair is terrific. Ain't it fun to go over memories. The closest I ever came to a politician, was that I went horse back riding with Gerald Ford's daughter. I was on Hilton Head, SC at that time. She was a very nice person. We had a good time.

  4. I am allergic to politicians!

  5. I'm glad to see that you were standing on the other side of the table than he was. Less chance of catching a mild form of viral dumb ass that he had.

  6. you sure look cute!!

    smiles, bee

  7. Hi Sandee...

    I've never met a famous politician. I wonder if it's like meeting a rock star? God I hope not! Rock stars can be obnoxious twits. You seem relaxed, but is it me or do you seem also a little put off (maybe it's just my interpretation of the body language).

  8. You have the poise in the photo, and Davis the smarmy look of a veteran campaigner ("say anything necessary").

    I was amused when Davis was recalled in '03; granted, the Governator hasn't been able to turn things around; but with a state government controlled by Gray Davisesque (and worse) libtards, Califorlornia needed more than just the Governator (a bit of a RINO himself).

    A picture worthy of hanging onto, tho'...there you are, pictured with only the second governor to make history ;)

  9. I'm gonna get in trouble for this one but what the heck,I'g gonna do it."you must have been a beutiful baby,'cause baby look at you now!"Just being me.Big Time Hug.

  10. Ohmygosh, look at you all young and blonde and purty! And wearing a dress, too!

  11. you look good in blonde. can't say much for the politician though.

  12. You look terrific! I'm a Native Californian. Born in El Sobrante, Contra Costa Counties, "the leftover".

    Grey is a Progressive. He along with the governator, are responsible for turning The Great State, into the toilet that it is now.

    Bankrupt, Bailout, To big to fail! Kal-E-For-Nia, is sittin on enough Natural Resources to not only bail themselves, out but the good ol USofA too. It's just to bad that the environmentalist wackjobs, hold it hostage. just gotta...pray...


  13. I love this peek into your past... and yes, my dear, you were a beautiful blonde! hubba hubba! Still are beautiful!

    I'll bet you have some really interesting stories to tell about your career.

  14. What a fun walk down memory lane, complete with a peek at Miss Blondie!

    I've met a few politicians, but I try to stay faaarrr away from them!

    Big hugs, honey...

  15. This is great Sandee! Thank you for some insights.
    Blondes can be taken at hair value, hair today (blonde), gone tomorrow (to other color).
    And politicians serve at voters' whiffs and whelms.

  16. I love the dress and the SHOULDER PADS!

  17. Great photo Sandee! I wish I had more of a picture archive. Only in the last 7 years have I taken and collected them.

  18. Thank You for sharing with us Sandee. I have to say, I love the blonde hair! :)
    Politicians.....grrrrrrrrrrr! LOL!

  19. Great insight into your past. You look so pretty.

  20. Very cool getting to meet a person of such stature.

  21. That's so cool and you look great! Neat to be a part of history and he did some pretty good stuff for CA...when I was just out of college, I worked for the city of St. Louis as the Art Program director for the senior citizens...I have a photo of me with Rosalyn Carter when she toured our Senior Citizen facility...oh my, I was just a kid! I wonder what happened to that photo?


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