Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dat Ting

A girl from Newfoundland who was a virgin on her wedding night, was stunned to see the special part her husband had. She asked, 'what's dat ting?'

'My lov' he said, 'dats a special part God gave to me to please you and I'm the only man on earth dat has one.'

After a passionate night of love making the bride said: 'How lucky I am to have the only man alive with one of those!'

The next day, the husband comes home to see his new bride very upset. 'What's wrong me lov?'

'You told me you were the only man wit one of those tings and today I saw Freddie doing his Pee behind the shed and he had one dat looked just like yours!!'

Not wanting to be caught he said: 'Well honey, the truth is I had two of those parts and because Freddie is my best friend in the world, I gave him one, but it's only me and Freddie who has one.' That seemed to ease her mind somewhat.

After another night of passionate love making the husband goes off to work. Later that evening he comes home to find his new love very upset again! 'What's the matter today me luv?'

'Well' she says 'I can't get over how stunned you are!'

'Whatever do you mean my sweet?'

"I can't believe you were lucky enough to have TWO of those special parts,
and you turns around and gives Freddie da best one!'

Stolen from: Phil of Phils Phun


  1. Hi Sandee!
    I would like to ask you to try to make people know about "International Day in Memory of SSRI Fatalities" an event at Bloggers Unite.
    There are details at my blog.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Generosity...that was his first mistake ;)

  3. Freddie may be about to lose something very near and dear to him.

  4. Men who underestimate women often find they've stepped in it! Hahahaha!

    big hugs xo

  5. Dat Barb is one sharp gal!

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. I have to agree also with Barb. What a silly man to think he would get away with that nonsense. Did you notice it didn't take her long to figure out that deal.

  7. Sandee, Hank was really laughing at that one! Tee hee!

  8. Sandee,
    the cajuns here say "who dat what got dat ting, barb, day who what gits dat ting.

  9. oh that freddy! he's a corker!

    smiles, bee

  10. Who dat?

    Does the NFL know about 'dis'?


  11. Can't decide whether I should move to New Foundland or just tell the wife that I've actually got #3!

  12. I figured she was going to find out THAT way.

  13. Another funny one, thanks for the laughs.
    I downloaded the links you posted on Wendsters blog. they found the virus that my anti virus never found. When yours tried to clean the virus it reacted. At least we know your anti-virus works. Thanks for all the help. My PC is running better than ever.

  14. well that's some guy giving the best one to his friend I was married to a fred I doubt it was the same

  15. She was a virgin when she married him ... what happened after that? There's no telling what repressed women will do once you give them a little taste of freedom, I guess.

    and these LOLOLOLOLOLOLOROFLMAOLOLOLLOL'S are for the caption this contest. VERY VERY FUNNY CAPTIONS. Good luck picking the winner. I saw eight or nine that I really liked.

    I haven't seen your weight on your last couple of comments. Everything going OK? I've been eating the entire planet and I weigh 165 today ... and I've got the stomach ache to match!!! LOL! Just a little one but I look like a balloon! Bleah!!!

    Big hugs!


  16. Oh my...

    Dat Freddie is one slick fella.

  17. Dat is a cute one, well not his dat, but the joke. I was writing this and all of a sudden music started playing from your site. You spicing things up here?

  18. That's what he gets for telling a lie. lol

  19. Tee hee hee. *snort*
    You crack me up, Sandee. :)

  20. Only in Newfoundland! :)
    Thank you, Sandee, I need that!

  21. Whoever said men are stupid did not lie. ;)

  22. Is it not New Fount land!

  23. Ha ha ha! Love the "Who Dat" comments as well!


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