Friday, February 5, 2010

Caption This Winners

Again I had a great time reading all the captions, and now it's time to post the winners. As promised I have chosen first place, second place and honorable mention. Drum roll please.

Bob of plainolebob takes first place with:

Now I can be a plumber coming and going.

Driller of DrillerAA09 takes second place with:

Last night, I PhotoShopped my butt off. However, before I could turn around, my wife hit the undo button.

Frank of FoxxFyrre's Honk'n'Holl'r takes honorable mention with:

Early bird may get the worm, but I am always up at the crack of Don.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone that took a stab at this one. There were indeed many great submissions and it was tough to pick the winners.


  1. Sandee, bad thing was i saw this guy in both aisles at Lowes, huntin for a custom toilet seat.

  2. Great choices, Sandee. Glad I didn't have to pick. You've got some funny friends. Said with love.

    Big hugs, honey. Have a great w/e!

  3. Hi Sandee,

    Having a hoot with these. Can't wait for more (a little more ASSthetically pleasing photos would be nice though) HA --couldn't resist.
    Thanks for the mention

  4. Thank ya, thank ya very much.

  5. Darn I had a good one!!! Where oh where can my pee pee be, oh where oh where can it be???!!! with the tune playing of course!


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