Friday, January 22, 2010

Boat and Ribs

Even though we are retired, the weekends are something we always look forward to, especially in the warm weather months. Friday signals the day we load the truck and head for Willow Berm Marina for a weekend of boating. Well, we are heading to the boat today, but the weather isn't all that great. It's supposed to rain and then one day of cloudy weather on Saturday, then rain again on Sunday. It doesn't stop us from enjoying our boat. We just won't be taking her out of the slip.

We are getting together with our boat neighbors that have had one issue after another befall them of late. Three things in a relative short period of time. They are looking at moving their boat to a boat yard for some pretty extensive work on Saturday. Then last weekend they came home to find that their refrigerator died and they lost all their food. The following day the 'check engine' light came on my buddies car and that's another big bill. So we are fixing dinner for them tonight and lend them our support. Hopefully this streak of bad luck is over.

What's for dinner you ask? Baby Back Ribs (BBQd low and slow), asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes and salad. Don't know if hubby is making dessert or not, but the ribs are to die for. My buddies favorite meal on the boat too and she gets them pretty often. Hubby sees to that. So what wonderful things are you doing this weekend?
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  1. The ribs look delicious.

    Sorry to learn of you friend's misfortunes. They are fortunate to have friends like you.

    No special plans this weekend. It is supposed to be rainy and in the 50's on Saturday and rainy/snowy and in the 30's on Sunday. Perfect weather to put more work into our case of cabin fever.

    Have a great time.

  2. Do I have to have bad luck to get one of those ribs?
    I'll bring a smoked pork loin...when do we eat?

  3. hmmm, what am i doing this weekend? bwahahahahah

    have fun honey, the ribs look wonderful! lucky friends!

    smiles, bee

  4. The ribs are feast to the eyes also! I am back at Bangalore, India after my recent trip to the US and relaxing at my son's home!
    Have a great week end.

  5. We are spending the week thinking about that great food you are having on Saturday. That looks so good. We are just going to be drooling all weekend. Have a great time.

  6. Have a great weekend Sandee!
    I'll be practicing guitar. I'm learning from the beginning.
    My fingers are aches because I don't have practice but it is for a good thing.

  7. Woof! Woof! Happy Friday n Have a Blast this weekend ... enjoying life and great delish foods. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. Love baby backs and roasted asparagus. Sorry about their troubles. If their car won't start and they can't make dinner, give me a call.

  9. What am I doing this weekend? Coming to your place for dinner! O man, I love ribs!

  10. I think I'm having dinner with you on the boat. Hey, I'll bring dessert...any kind you want!

  11. Sorry to hear about your friends problems. When it rains it pours huh. Hopefully things will turn around for them soon.
    Now about those ribs, we are having steaks on the grill tonight, but now I want those ribs!! Guess someone in this house will be making a trip to the meat market to buy ribs very soon :) Please at least share your recipe ;)

  12. Ribs? We'll be right over. Please be careful out there. as you well know there's lots of junk floating out there after big rains...

    Have fun!

  13. I will be home with the family unit thinking about you on the water eating ribs :-)

    Just a side note. I use to for over 15 years travel all over the country with my business, which included going to all the large festivals where all kinds of food was aplenty. Of course besides pizza, ribs are a very close second. Actually pizza and ribs give you all your essential food groups. But I did get to learn all about ribs and how to make them. Actually I am not bragging but I can make the BEST ribs you ever had. There are 4 basic types of ribs throughout the country. The is Kansas (which is the sauce most supermarkets carry), then there is Texas, bold and spicy, usually made with beef not pork. Then there is North Carolina which uses vinegar as one of it's main ingredients. I have to say my least favorite.

    Then there is Memphis style which is by far the BEST damn rib you have ever sunk your teefs into. I got to learn all the secrets on how to smoke them, from many of the professional rib guys who travel all over to compete.

    They have a festival in Memphis called Memphis in May, where they have more rib competitors you ever did see. On MY God between the ribs and the brisket, you would have thought you died and went to heaven. I bought my own smoker over 15 years and use a combination of a few secret types of wood and make my own sauce, which takes two days alone to make. The ribs smoked also take close to a full 24 to 30 hours. But the meat falls off and the base of the sauce is good ole Jack Daniels.

    Maybe one of these days, all us bloggers show up at Sandee and go boating or is it yachting? And have one BIG assed party, filled with good eats and drinks. And we have to leave our computers home.

    Big messy finger hugs to you

  14. This post almost sounds like a payback for all the food that Lois is always talking about over on her blog! It all sounds horribly delicious and yummy.

    In spite of the weather I hope you have a fantastic weekend on the boat, I know it's where you are the happiest and I can't say that I blame you at all! Enjoy!

  15. Well, Sandee, these really look good.
    I don't barbeque. My feeling is that this is the way women get men to do some of the cooking.
    The woman's main requirement is to ooh and ah over how good her man is.
    If there any leftovers I could be persuaded to join in for devouring them.
    Mrs. Jim thought she liked to barbeque but last year gave HER gas grill away. She likes Texas A/C.

  16. BBQ ribs cheer me up evertime! My husband always makes cheese grits when he makes ribs. Oh YUM!

  17. Lois, wait for Dick and me. We'll join you and head to CA. That is a dinner worth the trip, not to mention the company! Priceless...

    Still trying to get rid of my bronchitis, so we had to cancel all weekend plans. Bugger. But I do send big hugs and will be thinking of you and the good time you are having!

  18. those ribs look awfully good,but I think the Surf and turf that Celestine made me today for my B-day beets them out.I hope you have a great weekend.Hugs,and His Blessings.

  19. no plans for the weekend, just whatever happens to happen :) Those ribs sure do look good

  20. That sounds delicious. Hope you cheer up yourt friends.

  21. That is so delicious man
    For this weekend, I plan to watch the new movie "Spy Next Door" lol

  22. i'm following doctor's orders, laying on the couch and catching up on google reader. hubby would be right over for those ribs! delish!

  23. Oh, my that's my favorite dinner and I loved the picture. Here, it's gray and rainy so I'm playing on the computer and then reading books.

  24. I think I should learn first how to cook this mouth-watering dish. I really love eating spareribs in any food chains, but too bad for me I dunno how to cook this, lol. Must do a research for the recipe. Thanks for the idea.

    carol burnett

  25. Man these ribs make me hungry just seeing the picture. They look fabulous.

    YOu've been given an award. Congrats. Please hop over to claim it.

    Bridge and Beyond


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