Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quiz Answers

Which is larger?

1. The continental U.S. or Australia?
2. Austria or Maine?
3. Burkina Faso or Colorado?
4. Cameroon or California?

5. Germany or Montana?
6. Greece or Alabama?
7. Iran or Alaska?
8. Ireland or West Virginia?
9. Japan or California?
10. Niger or Texas?
11. The Pacific Ocean, or the entire land area of the world?
12. Pakistan or California?
13. Turkey or Texas?
14. The United Kingdom or Oregon?
15. Zimbabwe or Montana?


1. The Continental U.S.
2. Maine
3. Burkina Faso (It's a country in Western Africa.)
4. Cameroon
5. Montana
6. Alabama
7. Iran
8. Ireland
9. California
10. Niger (It's almost twice the size of Texas.)
11. The Pacific Ocean
12. Pakistan (It's almost twice the size of California.)
13. Turkey
14. Oregon
15. Zimbabwe


  1. Yep, I'm pretty sure if I had answered them yesterday I would have got quite a few of them wrong :)

  2. I would have gotten maybe two correct. But it is great info. We learn something everyday. Hope your week end went well.

  3. Thanks for posting the answers. As you can tell, I was too lazy (ignorant) to even try. snerx.

  4. Wow, some of those answers surprised me... I guess I need to bone-up on my geography...

  5. I don't know most of them. But nice, now my knowledge has improved a bit :)

  6. I knew about US because it's area is larger than Brazil though some people think the opposite.
    I like Geography.
    Pacific Ocean has really surprised me.
    Never thought about comparing both.

  7. Nice answer. He..he.. I like your opinions. Great job pall!

  8. hahaha..waaa i forgot that 70% (approx.) of the earth is water..and i answered on Q#11 ..the entire land area of the world...hahaha..

  9. Hey I got them all correct, what do I win?

    PS I have a great deal on a bridge to, for those interested please forward all replies to Sandee :-)

  10. Thanks for the educational lesson. Great job. Big hugs, honey...

  11. I'm too chicke to even try this one.i'm glad that you like the name of one of my blogs.

  12. Whew! I couldn't believe i have a lot of wrong answers! I feel so ashamed of myself he-he! Well, im sure there are a lot of quizzes that has yet to be taken so i'll just make up on the rest (wink).

  13. Looks like the little paying attention in Geography class worked. I got 9 correct....
    And 9 is better than 1... lol
    Have a great day...:)

  14. Wendster1/26/2010

    Those were uber interesting! Thanks for sharing those.

    Where DO you find this stuff?


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