Friday, January 29, 2010

Robin Hood

He was a modern day Robin Hood, take from the rich and give to the poor, but what he took was really all for him. His next plan was to trick billionaire philanthropist Roger Caldwell into donating $500,000 to a fictional charity named Airstreams for Americans. The best way to make your money is to take it from others. At that point he realized that his father and his uncle were agents for Madoff looking for thieves and also a quick Internet score that involved an inheritance, Nigerian warlords, an alien GBU, a love tryst between a service bot and the president's teleprompter, and a tip from Donald Trump. This alerted the FBI.

Suddenly, a roving band of Haitian youths mooned the mariachis and yelled that Dunkin' Doughnuts really wasn't a doughnut but that it was just a subterfuge for the real plan. Would they be able to get to a safe place before it all started? A Haitian old wise man feared the looters were roaming in the rubble, however he noticed over there in the bushes was a book buried in the rubble.

At closer inspection, he realized that the book was very old and probably rare. Dusting it off, the words "Earth II After Meggado" and "Nostradamus" was beautifully carved out in gold leaf on the cover. He new he found a real treasure. A lost book written by Nostradamus himself. He could not resist opening the book and the first section was called "First of Second Days". He immediately opened to the first section and started reading the first quatrain. It said:
  • Numbers few and the Beast has fled,
  • From babes mouths has the breast bled,
  • Peoples huddle for dry is the well,
  • Until the Don is Trumped by the Rose of O Donnell.
Laughing out loud for he thought he knew the meaning of the quatrain, he was our Robin Hood of Today. He wasn't a bad guy at all but rather a secret agent for the new and rebuilt U.S.A. Of the newly formed task force for helping distribute the wealth when those who could afford to help remained stubborn and stingy.

So our Robin Hood carefully said, I'll visit the Vikings at OsloBG in August 2010, because he realized that the end of days were upon us and the zombies would soon take over the earth. He knew the meaning of the quatrain was worth gold to whomever wanted the Hollydale chicken of knowledge. To have the chicken meant golden eggs to share with the have not-eths. The small town was booming until "that dude" showed up with the coop de grass chicken locator.

And with the chicken locator he found every egg in town and then went to the next town and got their eggs and he keep going until he ran into the GIANT Pink Bunny Rabbit who held onto a very large basket. They both sat down underneath the old oak tree that had yellow ribbons all over it. Seeing how they were both hungry they took a few of the golden eggs and cracked them open and sure enough they were not made of pure gold but just painted as such.

So after eating a delicious omelet, they both came up with an idea to paint the eggs many different colors and decided to name a holiday after it, and while they couldn't agree upon a name for the holiday they called the bunnies closet friend, Bugs Froggy and asked him to listen to the State of the Union Address and he said not by the Hair of my chinny chin chin but I would trade Michelle Obama's dress for it to see to the spring extricated from Pelosi's bum so that she could sit for 30 seconds at a time but it seems impossible.

Biden had to join in the 'Applaud every 30 seconds' movement but he always kept his eye on President Obama who is the Robin Hood this story started about for you see he says he is taking from the Rich to give to the Poor but it is obvious he should talk to some of the Congressman about their strange looking hair pieces for many of them looked like the infamous "rat tail" and the burnt "Spaghetti".

You know the original Robin Hood would have made a great politician, just as this story ended on a political note. I'm not going to change it one bit, because we the people have spoken.

Contributing Authors (in order of appearance):

Jrodius of Going Guerilla
Lois of Lowdown from Lois
Karen of Blazing Minds
Buggys of Cute As A Buggy
Bob of Just Kicken It Around

Marg of Margs Pets
Skunkfeathers of Skunkfeathers
Rajagopalan of Just Out
Don of Beyond Left Field
Doctor Faustroll of Uncommon Sense

Jack K. of One Man's View from Lansing, KS
Ana of Hella Heaven
Sandy B of Traveling Bells
FoxxFyrre of Foxxfyrre's Honk'n'Holl'r
Jim of Jim's Little Blog

TorAa of TorAa Mirror
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Speedcat of Speedcat Hollydale Page
Glenn of Man Over Board
Willy of Hillbilly Willy

Mommanator of Grannies Ramblings
Jennifer of Dust Bunny Hostage
Arv of On The Wall...
Mr. Stupid of Stupidation

A great big THANK YOU to everyone that contributed to Robin Hood (Story Game). You are all awesome!


  1. Sandee,
    man them stories always come out good, maybe next time mr. o. need to use a thread like this for his speech.

  2. Okay, so now I want to smoke crack and try to contact Lewis Carroll in the after world

  3. that story really did come out well. Sandee, you are great at putting it all together. That was a long one. Love the comment that mr. o should use a thread like this for his speech.Great post

  4. You have shown your skill as a great composer and editor too! Kudos!

  5. That was WEIRD with a capital W ... and I loved it ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Isn't amazing what a group can do when it has a common goal?

    Too bad our elected leaders from both sides of the aisle can't get it together.

  7. Hah! Great story, gang. :)

  8. Wow, it's turned out to be a pretty good story, well done everyone ;)

  9. You have some funny followers, Miss Sandee! Great job, everyone.

    Big hugs...have a great w/e!

  10. I got carried away , then I realized, Oh it is a story game!
    I wish I had participated. Great contributors you have here!

    Have a great weekend, Sandee!

  11. Sandee,

    Come and take The Gold Paw Award and The Kreativ and the Fabulous Sugar Doll Award and Sweet Friends award.
    I haven't put the names but I will do it.
    You can take yours already because I'll publish your name.

  12. Makes for a good read on a cold day. :)

  13. This turned out great! Don's comment cracked me up :)


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