Sunday, January 24, 2010

Caption This

Photo captions, also known as cutlines, are a few lines of text used to explain or elaborate on published photographs. In some cases captions and cutlines are distinguished, where the caption is a short (usually one-line) title for the photo, while the cutline are a longer, prose block under the caption, generally describing the photograph, giving context, or relating it to the article.

Captions more than a few sentences long are often referred to as a "copy block". They are a type of display copy. Display copy also includes headlines and contrasts with "body copy", such as newspaper articles and magazines. Source: Wikipedia

I had so much fun reading all your captions last week I thought I'd do this one again. This is pretty tame compared to last time, but there's lots of possibilities. So go ahead and leave as many captions as you wish and I'll pick 1st, 2nd and honorable mention. Please sign Mr. Linky too. Thanks.

1. Margs Animals
2. Secret Money Blog
3. Mountain Woman
4. Jrodius
5. sandy
6. Joella Molson
7. foxxfyrre
8. Crabby Blogging Lady
9. SmartShopIt.
10. Jack K.
11. Self Defense Tips
12. papetarie
13. Ann
14. Lois Grebowski
15. Tomas
16. Joanne
17. Rajagopalan
18. Shutterbug8162
19. Don
20. Man Over Board
21. Lisa
22. Sandy B
23. Mountain Woman
24. DrillerAA09
25. Gracie
26. Dawn Drover
27. Blog Angel
28. Steve
29. Speedcat Hollydale
30. 2012 Doomsday Predictions
31. Singles Dating Tips
32. Jennifer
33. Matty
34. Wendster


  1. I'm really bad at these but I'm looking forward to what everyone else comes up with

  2. same here, but I can weave a story...

    And that's one interesting photo.... I can't wait to see what the comments will be...

  3. I would name the photo: It was worthy to come out. The decision to leave the room enabled me to meet her, gifted the wonderful opportunity to welcome other and thus to embellish the life.

  4. Do you need some body work done, NOT ME.

  5. (husband).. I am TOO paying attention!!
    (wife).. TO WHAT!!??

  6. Shoulda got my brakes at Pep Boys.


    "Honey, I thought she was going to jump? I just wanted to save a life"


    And they say women are bad drivers? Hmmph.


    That's one way to drive a man to the edge.

  7. All I see is some hot Italian looking babe looking out over the sea. What am I missing here?

  8. This picture was actually done for a European insurance company and was part of a great ad campaign.

    OK caption hmmm

    "Caption above her head"
    I guess he was right, this dress doesn't make me look fat.

  9. I'm so hungry I can eat a horse and chase the driver" caption of the day here!

  10. Good one, ManOverBoard!

    Sandee, you always come up with interesting challenges. Big hugs, honey...

  11. This one is really difficult but I'll go ahead and try.

    "Crash" the must have scent for the woman who wants a new car and knows how to get it.
    Sponsored by: Car Salesmen of America

  12. Jrodius1/24/2010

    One more reason Clay Aitken has a flawless driving record.
    Going Guerilla

  13. You're in good hands with Allstate.

  14. Driver: How am I ever going to explain this to the little woman when I get home?

  15. He took the plunge for her.

  16. I got nothin'... I'm voting for Dressed to Kill!

  17. When you're dressed in classic black and look your best, nothing else matters.


  18. Help me understand, we all can leave our name and url with the regular blog process, what's the advantage or reason for adding Mr. Linky?


  19. The view from here is just so distracting! For who her or the poor driver of that car!

  20. This view is so great, I'm glad I made that sudden stop.

  21. Husband:Could've been worse honey, she almost rear-ended us.
    Wife: You shouldn't have been tail-gaiting!

  22. Tough one!

    ....Well, this is pretty lame, but it beats my first thought of "Friends don't let friends eat bean dip before walking home..."

    "Her name is Helen... and her butt that launched a thousand cars..."

    Yeah, that's the best I could do! I'm looking forward to the better ones! lol

  23. One set of headlights Up

    ... one set of headlights Down!

  24. Excuse me, can I give you a lift?

  25. Sharlene was still wearing her black bra, the cars bra did not make it ...

  26. Ted: Seems fate has brought us together once again ...

    Susan: How many cars do you own?

  27. Ok, I will stop :-)

    Hi Sandee !!!! ( big hugs )

  28. "Stopping to Admire the View"

  29. There is more than one way for traffic to stop.

  30. Was that her bra hanging from her hand?


    The car has been pulling to the right whenever I brake.


    The ramp to the beach is around here somewhere.

  31. This one is more difficult than last one. So, this time I'll just read other reactions :)

  32. Will the lady be arrested because of causing the accident? lol

  33. Sandy,

    Sorry for the url link, but the Name/URL option was not working correctly when I made my comment.

  34. Black dress $110.00
    Strappy pumps $75.00
    Raquel Welch wig $130.00

    Introducing himself to the driver as JOHN... priceless.

  35. Proof that beautiful women are deadly.

  36. Wendster1/25/2010

    wow! a bunch of great ones! Jrodius takes first, in my opinion, with "One more reason Clay Aitken has a flawless driving record" and second goes to jennifer with: "And introducing himself to the driver as John ... priceless!" LOLOLOLOL!!!!! I don't know. I might put Jennifer as first.

    Hey, Sandee! Thanks for those virus downloads. It turns out I have like a MILLION cookies that I had saved (like 2,500 of them) that I needed to delete ... my computer seems to be working well now. THANK YOU!

    162.5 for me and I ate Frosted Flakes for dinner. Rain reportedly returns tomorrow! Bleah.

    And LOL @ Speedcat! You put in a BUNCH of good ones. My fave Speedcat one was:
    Ted: Seems fate has brought us together once again ...

    Susan: How many cars do you own?

  37. Wendster1/25/2010

    Thinking ...

    "... as you will see in this photo, she was dressed in black. Clearly pre-meditated."

    (... "murders" ... all of the drivers she crashed.)

    Big hugs Sandee! I love you!

  38. Wendster1/25/2010

    ahem .... I meant: Thank you for those ANTI virus downloads. YOU know what I meant ... but your commenters might not have. LOL!

  39. After a night of dreams, full of entertainment, a beautiful queen, a fatal accident than it turned into angel, thinking in the last moments on earth


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