Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Caption This Winners

I had a great time reading all the responses to the last caption this contest. Some of you really cracked me up. Wendster must have been reading my mind because she picked the first two. Thanks Wendster. It's time to post the winners. As promised I have chosen first place, second place and honorable mention. Drum roll please.

Jennifer of Dusty Bunny Hostage takes first place with:

Black dress $110.00
Strappy pumps $75.00
Raquel Welch wig $130.00
Introducing himself to the driver as JOHN... priceless.

Jrodius of Going Guerilla takes second place with:

One more reason Clay Aiken has a flawless driving record.

Glenn of Man Over Board takes honorable mention with:

"Caption above her head"
I guess he was right, this dress doesn't make me look fat.

Thanks to everyone that took a stab at this one. There were indeed many great submissions and it was tough to pick the winners.


  1. Congrats to all. I'm so bad at these but I do love reading them!

  2. I wish my BIL Rick rea blogs. He'd come up with some doozies. He cracks me up.

  3. WOW! Congratulations to all the winners!

  4. Thanks Sandee! I like the Caption This posts. It's a whole lot of fun!

  5. congrats to the winner

  6. Next time... The day will be mine!

  7. Wendster1/26/2010

    Jrodius was good, but Jennifer really DID deserve the prize. Sooooo funny.

    YAY! My computer seems to be working!


    I weigh 163 this morning. Sigh. I want to eat stuff. I don't want to be thin. OK OK ... I do. But I want to eat stuff.

    You are rocking and rolling and your blog is fabu as per usual.

    You should receive an extra special prize for your assistance and kindness to others as well.

    As soon as I find a good one ... I'm passing it to YOU.



  8. Hey Speedy . . .. ?

    Check out the top commenter list.

    Uh huh.

    But you will pass me up in about two minutes, I'm pretty sure.

  9. ... also, Speedster, your comments are way more regular (like rain fall) and funnier (like FUNNIER) than mine ... so top points go to you and I'll walk around the ring like the boxing round sign chick who walks around holding up the sign for "round 1" "round 2" ... ad infinatum.

    Going to go borrow the dress, Raquel wig, and strappy pumps from John ... on the bridge.

    Hee heeeeee! ding ding round five! The bacon round! Gather round the ... arena ... ropey .. things.

  10. Wendster1/26/2010

    Firing the bacon gun.

    blam blam BLAM blam blam BLAM!

    Whoooaaaaa! Where did those come from?

    Forgot I packed the gun with hashbrowns last night.

    hee heeeeee

  11. Congrats to the winners!!

  12. All three are priceless and very, very funny! I must say that I can see why the number one caption was the number one caption! Congrats to all!

  13. Great winners! Congrats to all.

    Sending big hugs from cool FL...

  14. I'm behind on visiting, so I didn't get to play this time, but the winners did a great job. Now I'll hafta hop over and see what everyone else said! :)

  15. Jennifer's caption is HILARIOUS!!

  16. Wendy is cheating (( smile ))

  17. Sorry I'm late then - maybe next time!


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