Monday, November 16, 2009


Mariuca of Mariuca Wishing on a Falling Star gave me a ton of awards.

Thank you so very much Mariuca.

 I only took the two I didn't have though.
Here's Mariuca's picks:
Thank you to everybody who presented me with these lovely awards. Your love for my blog continues to drive me to be a better blogger and friend. And now, it gives me great pleasure to pass on the following awards to Monica, GG, Jean, LadyJava, Ayie, Rizal, Tekkaus, Debbs, Kim, Foong, Emila, Nessa, Elai, Nick, Metz, Janice, Sandee, Roxy, Lil', Adrian, Shemah, Mize, Ane, LR, Yoon See, Fida, Bill, Liza and Bokjae.
I pass these two awards on to everyone in my buddies and link exchange lists.


  1. Sassy and Loyal. Yep, that's YOU.

    Congrats, and big hugs, honey...

  2. Oh, you deserve all of these awards because you bring so much joy into everyone's world! Thank you!

    Love and Blessings,

  3. let me introduce my self I am from Indonesia I like your blog

  4. Congratulations Sandee!

  5. You are indeed Sassy and Loyal to the core.
    Congrats to you my sassy, and loyal friend.

    Big HUGS back to you.

  6. Sandee,thanks for these.

  7. Sandee, how does it feel to have the record for the most awards given to a blogger? I am sure there is a Guinness Book World Record here. I may call them! Hahahahaha! Love you for you!


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