Saturday, November 14, 2009

Comment Game

It's time to play the comment game again. We are off to the boat for the weekend (what else is new). Now play nice okay, and have a terrific weekend.

Here's how it goes: I'll start the game off at the bottom of this post by choosing two words or phrases, like coffee or tea, and which ever one you prefer you choose. You can also explain why. When you have done that you do two new words or phrases for the next commenter to choose from. Feel free to come back as often as you like. Just have fun. If someone derails the game will one of you put it back on track? Thanks.

First comment: Ham or Turkey?


  1. Gosh thass Tuff but I am gonna go with Honey Bee Spiral Ham for Cold Sandwiches + I am going with Turkey + Mashed Potatoes + Gravy + Good Rich Dressing + Broccoli w/ Butter + Salt n Pepper for a Big Hot Meal + a Big Slice of Pumpkin Pie or Lemon Meringue Pie to Top it off!! ;))

  2. Well, let's see. Billy sure has made it more interesting, so I'm going to say the traditional Pumpkin Pie. Maryann bakes one of the very best in the universe.

    Now, do you prefer jellied cranberry sauce or the kind with the berries?

  3. It has to be with the berries of course. And once the turkey is all finished, I put it in sandwiches with some lovely oozy brie and rocket.

    Now do you prefer rocket (or other peppery leaves) with your salad, or do you just like plain old lettuce?

  4. I like them both together. And then, for a bit of crunch on top, carrots or radishes?

  5. Turkey, jellied cranberry (family tradition to buy it and forget to serve it), romaine lettuce in the salad and...radishes on
    Full fat creamy dressing or a low fat healthy dressing?

  6. As long as it's blue cheese I'll take fat or no fat.
    Croutons or Bacon Bits

  7. I have to go with the low fat dressing, though I adore the regular stuff.

    carrots or green beans?

  8. Green beans (but I love both)

    Sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes?

  9. Mashed potatoes I love the creamy texture.

    Beef or Pork?

  10. Beef most of the time - sometimes pork.

    Whole cranberry sauce or jellied?

  11. It is always cranberry sauce for me! Jelly does not go well with me.
    brown or white bread?

  12. White bread with butter. Brown is strongly sour for me.

    I like sweet potatoes too. But green beans I like not less than potatoes.

    Salt or pepper?

  13. Trying to stay away from the salt but pepper isn't my favorite either.

    Ketchup or mustard

  14. Cake. No, pie. No, cake. Fine... both!

    Bread stuffing (New England style) or Cornbread dressing (Southern style)?

  15. It's a hard choice for a Norwegian who hasn't tried non of them? But I guess I go for Bread stuffing :-)

    Down hill or cross country skiing?

  16. Cornbread dressing any day, ya'll!

    So much good food, now I just want to veg and watch tv!

    So... Conan or Letterman?

  17. I would get a tv related one, I don't watch either but I'll go with Letterman

    going back to food, ice cream chocolate or vanilla

  18. Chocolate ice cream please.
    Abbott or Costello?

  19. Costello,
    Ralph Cramden or Ed Norton??

  20. I'll go for a cross-country skiing Ed Norton. And he's bringing something yummy to eat.

    Pancakes or waffles?

  21. Waffles! From the Waffle House of course.

    Sweet potatoes topped with... marshmallows or pecans/brown sugar.

  22. with brown sugar coz i like it sweet.

    dark or white chocolate?

  23. Dark chocolate. White chocolate taste Too much like evaporated milk.

    apple pie or pumpkin pie?

  24. Apple Pie! it's very yummy!

    summer season or winter season?

  25. None of the above...Autumn is my favorite.

    College football or Pro Football?

  26. This is College Football ?

  27. I like both college and pro football. I only watch games in which I have an interest in the teams.
    So I watch the Houston Texans for pro teams.
    I watch the University of Houston, the University of Nebraska, and LSU college football games.
    My pick then, is college football.

    Do you better like peanut butter or creme cheese on your bagel?


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