Friday, October 30, 2009

Hot Dawg Award

Bob and Bess of Plain Ole Bob have given me the 'Hot Dawg Blogger' award. I so love awards and this is a new one for me. Thank you so much Bob and Bess for this honor. Big hugs to the both of you. Here's what they have to say about this award:
This is an award that Bess and I give out every Friday to the group of bloggers that catch our eye and touch or tickle our heart. There are no rules there are no catches. No need to post a link, that is totally up to you. this is your award from Mr.Bob and Bess. Thank you for posting and allowing us the visit to your site. We are honored to be in your presence. Congratulations to this weeks winners. This award was designed by Jenno at The Life and Times of La Jenno and dedicated to Miss Rae at Weather Vane.
This has been fun this week. Bob, in his good wisdom has decided to let me, let you The Past Recipients of This Award, choose your favorites along with mine. Isn't this fun. I love it, and you have all been so nice. I just love love love you all. This is a first for us, and we may never do it this way again. I would like to thank all of you for your help and to say congratulations to all of the winners both past and present. THESE are some really FANTASTIC blog sites. I should know I visited them each this week. LOL! Without further ado, here are your choices:
The Life and Times of La Jenno Jennos' pick is J.W., at Your Topic Here

Weather Vane Miss Raes' pick, is Pat, at A View from the Edge

Stories From an Innocent Owner of Mad Cats Mikes' pick, Farila, at Chapters from my Life
Mike, just had to pick two and I agree with him, Coach Dayne, at Coach Your Mind

Is This Really Happening? Chris, picked M.O.B. at Man Over Board

Simplify ♥ AlpHa, chose, Greenfingers at A Gardeners Life in Motion

The Good Girls Sarahs', pick is lorenza, at Pure Energy

Life Makes Me Laugh Polly, chooses Liz, at One Nerve Left

The Time Crook Hunter, has chosen Leah, at The Weather in the Streets

A Diary Left Open Patty, picks Suzy Hollywood: Where HOT Comes To Die

Real Life In A Minute Miss Sandra, has spoken her choice is Kys at Stir-Fry Awesomeness

Cut and Dry Betty, actually chose two, but one was a duplicate, you guess, her pick is Lisa at Smell the Coffee Lisa

Speaking From The Crib The Main Crib lady, speaks her choice, is Lee at Headaches, Hotflashes & Hormones

*Fiction Groupie* Ronis' pic is Susan at A Walk In My Shoes

Alice In Wonderland Alice, has made two picks her a was very convincing I might add. They are Christi at Tales from my Head and Flying Eagle Woman at zhiguzhabizha

Last but not least Bob and Bess choose Bruce Cotlin at Coltin1948 and Sandee at Comedy Plus


  1. Cool! That's a new one on me too. Nice to see that they gave it to a blogger/blog I visit otherwise I wouldn't know what in hell you were talking about. Something like that...never mind.

  2. Congratulations, funny, floating lady :)

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral


  3. Congrats Sandee, you truly deserve EVERY award out there for keeping all of us smiling and chuckling :-) BIG HUG!!!!! Glenn

  4. Yippee! Yippee!
    You deserve that!

  5. Congrats Sandee - you really deserve this!

  6. Congratulations Sandee! One more colorful feather to your cap!


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