Monday, October 19, 2009


Join us every Monday for Awww...Mondays. Post a picture that makes you say Awww...and that's it.

Make sure you leave a link to your post here and I'll visit your Awww...Mondays post. What better why to start the week than with a smile.

"AWWW MONDAYS" Participants
1. jennifer
2. plainolebob
3. Mike golch
4. Anglia
5. Adam
6. Lois Grebowski
7. barb
8. Empress Bee
9. Grace
10. Don
11. Jude
12. Ivanhoe
13. Dorothy L
14. Trials
15. arun506
16. Jim
17. Whitby
18. Ana


  1. Hi, Sandee. I am not playing but I am just doing my blog hop. That is so nice of you to feature something from here in our country.

    I saw that you are back with EC too?

    Anyways, have a great week ahead!

  2. Need more coffee... Hey, that pup is cute... makes me want to rub it's belly....

  3. What a cutie. It looks almost like he's wearing striped pajamas!

    These days I don't even have time to do my own posts... well, I can, but then I feel guilty because I don't have time to visit and comment. But the remodeling will eventually be over and it will all be worth it!

  4. i could send you a picture of sarge! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  5. Looks like well dressed road kill. Sure it is alive?

  6. I linked! I didn't mean to link! I thought I was logging my information in to comment (why yes, I AM tired). OK - I'll throw an AW up really quick so I won't be cheating. SORRY!

    Oh! "AWWWW! So cute!"

    Have a great week Sandee.

  7. Sande, AWWWWW, ain't he sweet, oops it's squirel season here keep that bguy

  8. Good one Kiddo,Mine will be up soon.

  9. My old dogs want let me put anything on them but they always do such cute things they make me say awww all the time.

  10. I wonder if they make big enough clothes for my little 90-pound puppy ;o)
    Have a wonderful week, Sandee!

  11. LOL...that is so sweet. wonder if that little guy knows he is being the reason for so many smiles :) :)I

  12. that's really awesome one ....

  13. Hey Sandee, this guy doesn't stand a chance. We all are in love with him.
    Congratulations for your latest award! I do think Guinness should have a catagory for the most awards. You would make the book.

  14. Awwww, I seems like a cuddly toy!

  15. Cute puppy - nice post


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