Friday, September 11, 2009

Project 2996

As a member of Project 2,996 it is my honor to celebrate the life of Nestor Andre Cintron. Today I will reflect on September 11, 2001 and remember how I felt that morning. How much of the world felt that morning.

The unity that was felt all over America. Today I remember each and every person that lost their life on that fateful day. Always remember.

Name: Nestor Andre Cintron
Age: 26
From: New York, NY, United States
Occupation: broker, Cantor Fitzgerald
Location: World Trade Center, Tower 1

Hooked on Books

"I just want books, Ma," Nestor A. Cintron III would say.

Growing up in the Alfred E. Smith Houses in a tough part of the Lower East Side, Mr. Cintron was the resident intellectual. "My son didn't take any drugs; he had no bad habits; his thing was reading," his mother, Alicia Leguillow, recalled.

"For Christmas, I would get him $200 gift certificates to Borders and he would buy books."

Mr. Cintron, 26, a broker at Cantor Fitzgerald, read anything, but preferred books that were other-worldly: Carl Sagan, Michael Crichton and Robert Jordan were his favorite writers. He was a huge "Star Wars" buff.

He got his two younger brothers hooked, too, to the point where they would all sit at the dinner table reading. "They were never raised by a father, so they had each other," Mr. Cintron's mother said.

Ms. Leguillow knew her son was gifted from childhood, when a teacher at Public School 1 insisted on skipping him from the fourth to the sixth grade, because he was so far ahead in math. But he was still one of the guys.

"He had so much intelligence, he didn't need to show it," said his brother Fred Gonzalez Jr. (New York Times)

The New York Times
Liberty Unites


  1. I think much of the world was with you all on that day. I certainly was.

  2. It is still so fresh in my mind and heart that is makes it hard to believe it was 8 years ago and not 8 days ago.

  3. It was really a painful day.
    It has been 8 years...

  4. Sandee, I have a wonderful picture I took in New York, the only time I was ever there. It is of the twin towers shrouded in mist. One of my favorite memories of what once was but then there are all the events surrounding that horrible day.

  5. What a wonderful tribute! I reposted my tribute from the same project in 2006. So many innocent lives.

    We should NOT forget how we felt eight years ago today... and the next day. Take out the politics, the rhetoric, etc. I long for that sense of unity and patriotism following this fateful day.

    How quickly we forget... makes me sad.

  6. Thanks to your post last month, I am also honored to participate in Project 2996.

    Rest in Peace Nestor Cintron....may this remembrance bring comfort to your family and friends on this day.

  7. I wasn't familiar with the Project 2996 until visiting your site. (I posted my own remembrance today but apparently offended someone unintentionally.) Yours is a nice tribute and remembrance.

  8. That day was a terrible day, all the world was astonished with that new. I can't believe that it was 8 years ago today.

  9. I haven't and won't forget. It allowed me, probably for the first time, to come as close to understanding what an American citizen felt on December 7, 1941, when news of Pearl Harbor came in. For I felt much the same that day, and since. God bless the fallen, and God bless our military.

  10. Thank you for such an insight to this young man, Nestor Andre Cintron. May all the families feel our loving prayers for them.

    Peace,and love on this day of remembrance.

  11. A lot of good people were lost that day as they are every day. However, the sudden and unexpected attack will never be forgotten as it is politicized even more, and only the good will remember the bad that day.

  12. Sandee, this is a wonderful tribute.

    Walter and I have been to New York so many times on the road. While crossing the GW bridge the towers were so visible and definitely stood out in the sky line.

    On our first trip back in after 911 we both cried and still to this day find it hard to believe that this really happened.

    Now when we cross the GW it is so very obvious and always a reminder of this awful and tragic day in our country's history. The void in the sky line is so representative of the void in all American's hearts after this awful awful day!!

    God bless to one and all and most especially the ones who lost their lives, their families, our troops.


  13. The NY Skyline is a constant reminder of the tragedy eight years ago. We will never forget.

  14. We will not forget.

  15. Thanks for the beautiful memorial. I know it is intended for remembering the others. We flew our flag today in the memory of all of them.

  16. Truly a tragic day..A gigantic chunk of the world's peace of mind was sliced off that day..Truly tragic..Thanks for remembering the innocent lives lost..

  17. Such a tragedy that such a young life with so much potential ahead was cut short but the hatred of others. So many lost that sad, sad day.

  18. Sandee~
    This was a wonderful tribute. You are the best!

    And I just now found out it was your birthday a few days ago! I am so glad Annie posted something, or I would have never known!
    I hope it was happy, and please accept this belated wish for a wonderful year to come!

  19. Sandee, you're beautiful, inside and out.

  20. So sad that so many lost their lives on that day, especially because there was no reason for it. Thanks for the beautiful tribute to such a fine young man that died way too soon.

    Love and Blessings,

  21. Beautiful tribute to a gifted person lost on that fateful day. Such a waste. No, I will never forget. Never. Thanks, my friend. Big hugs to you...

  22. Our prayers for the soft souls whose life was brought to a naught in a cruel manner on that fate full 9/11 day.

  23. Sandee, very nice tribute. It's so easy just to try and forget, but something we cannot do just as we cannot forget the Holocaust.

  24. I heard the news on the car radio. I hoped it was not true, but found it was.
    As I worked that day, my mind was over-taken with shock and wonder as to how this was possibly happening. Like others, I do remember ... "just like it was yesterday".

  25. I am amazed at how broken I still am over 9/11. Terrorists didn't fully accomplish what they set out to do that day. 9/11 will always be to me, the day I TRULY became an American. Born here yes, but the fierce pride in my country came on that terrible September day.

    With all sincerity, God Bless the USA.

  26. interesting story and event 8 years ago it would not be forgotten for all time.


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