Friday, September 25, 2009

The Marine Story

A U.S. Marine squad was marching north of Fallujah when they came upon an Iraqi terrorist, badly injured and unconscious. On the opposite side of the road was an American Marine in a similar but less serious state. The Marine was conscious and alert and as first aid was given to both men, the squad leader asked the injured Marine what had happened.

The Marine reported, "I was heavily armed and moving north along the highway here, and coming south was a heavily armed insurgent. We saw each other and both took cover in the ditches along the road.

I yelled to him that Saddam Hussein was a miserable, low life scum bag who got what he deserved, and he yelled back that Ted Kennedy is a fat, good-for-nothing, left wing liberal drunk who doesn't know how to drive.

So I said that Osama Bin Laden dresses and acts like a frigid, mean-spirited dumb ass bitch!

He retaliated by yelling, "Oh yeah? Well, so does Nancy Pelosi!"

"And, there we were, in the middle of the road, shaking hands, when a truck hit us."

Hat tip: Vern B.


  1. Bwhahahahahahahahahaha! Some of our politicians are better known outside the US, eh?

  2. Willy would have been there shaking hands when the truck hit.

    10-4 Willy

  3. Aaaahhhh!!!! That was so funny. I love waking up like this!

  4. Bad driver. Bad driver. If only peace were this simple!

    Big hugs for a great weekend...

  5. I agree with Sandy: Bad driver!

  6. oh that was a knee slapper today honey!!!

    smiles, bee

  7. Now that one was really, really funny!!!!!!!! Hanks and I loved it!!!!

  8. a PERFECT laugh for FRIDAY!!!
    Hilarious Sandee!
    Have a spectacular weekend with the ones you love.

  9. My oh my! Don't get me started on Peolsi and her shoulder pads.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sandee.
    Big Hugs to you.

  10. Actually choking on coffee.

    too funny.

    You and Z have a great weekend!

  11. LOL Wonder if either survived to get in a few more on the way to the hospital.

  12. *kissing my fingertips like the Italians do*


  13. Hehehe. That's one Marine that didn't get hit for nothing.

  14. Bwhahahahaahahah!
    That was a good one. Didn't see it coming, but then again they didn't see the truck.

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  15. You got me on this one Sandee!! Wonderful joke and perfect social commentary for current times!! Have lucky dawg!!

    Big hugs!!

  16. Hilarious! Made me giggle...
    Hope your weekend isn't too hot! When is fall going to arrive?

  17. I absolutely loved that one!

    Have a great weekend on the boat and my best to Zane!

  18. Oh, how easy it is sometimes to stick one's own head up one's own arse! bwahahaha!

    Good one, Sandee!

  19. Sandee,
    lmao, my son loved this one so much, I think we all ove the people but hate the politics, sumthin huh.

  20. I came here from Wendsters blog. I have been reading and laughing for a few weeks now. Thank you very much. This post has a GREAT punchline. I hope you don't mind me stopping by and enjoying your blog.

  21. That was not what I expected!


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