Monday, September 14, 2009


Join us every Monday for Awww...Mondays. Post a picture that makes you say Awww...and that's it.

Make sure you leave a link to your post here and I'll visit your Awww...Mondays post. What better why to start the week than with a smile.

"AWWW MONDAYS" Participants
1. plainolebob
2. Joanne
3. Diane
4. Ana
5. Grace
6. Barb
7. Lois Grebowski
8. Empress Bee
9. DrillerAA09
10. Jack K.
11. Linda
12. Stop Dreaming
13. Shinade aka Jackie
14. Dawn
15. Arnold
16. Walter
17. Silva
18. James
19. Mike Golch
20. Steve
21. Sandy B
22. Roger


  1. What an adorable pup! I totally miss having dogs. One day I must get a nice Lab!

    Have a great day, Sandee! Big Hugs!

  2. awwww , now you gone and done it, revealin my softy side

  3. that's almost as cute as sarge being home!!!

    smiles, bee

  4. Now we're talkin' "Awwwww"!

  5. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, other than a Ruby Tuesday post for tomorrow, I will be out of pocket the remainder of the week. It's finally tme for that trip to Louisville, KY and the National Quartet convention. Have a great week and I'll see you on the flip side.

  6. How sweet. You just want to snuzzle the little cutie, but it would be a shame to disturb the little rascal.

  7. What a cute little sweetie! Definitely an Awwwww moment!

  8. Now that's a Kodak moment for sure!! Welcome home! I hope you had a great trip!! We have had nothing but dense dense fog and rain.

    Today is the first day since Friday I have had more than a few minutes access to the internet!!

    This little treasure warms the heart!!
    big hugs!

  9. I love puppies... :)
    Too cute!

  10. Nice Photography. I am beginning to learn some technique on photography.

  11. sssssshhhhhhh, quiet everyone the puppy is sleeping!

  12. That puppy is the cutest!

  13. Cute puppy, maybe the puppy is in dream land. With sun flower all over the puppy, I know the puppy can relax very well. The fragrance of it keeps the puppy warm.

  14. Very cute. I love the sun flowers. We have friends that grow sunflowers in their back yard cause their kids like them so much.

  15. Precious!

    Big hugs, Sandee...

  16. Awwww cute puppy! Hugs and loves to you Sandeewandee! :D

  17. Thank you a lot for this post


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