Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Caption This...

Photo captions, also known as cutlines, are a few lines of text used to explain or elaborate on published photographs. In some cases captions and cutlines are distinguished, where the caption is a short (usually one-line) title for the photo, while the cutline are a longer, prose block under the caption, generally describing the photograph, giving context, or relating it to the article.

Captions more than a few sentences long are often referred to as a "copy block". They are a type of display copy. Display copy also includes headlines and contrasts with "body copy", such as newspaper articles and magazines.  Source: Wikipedia
Leave your caption and I'll pick a winner.

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  1. "Is there a good Dentist that can help me get a Colgate Smile" ~ dogcentstoday
  2. "I still beleive in the tooth fairy - wanna make something of it." ~ anonymous
  3. "La Toya Jackson returns from her latest visit to Michael's plastic surgeon." ~ anonymous
  4. "He left me for HER????" ~ Sherry@EXMarkstheSpot
  5. "What Michael Jackson really looked like before he died." ~ anonymous
  6. "Hair dresser $5.00 - Make up $7.00 - Trip to the dentist - Priceless. Willy is going to quit sharing his family reunion pictures. - 10 - 4 Willy" ~ hillbilly-willy
  7. "For maximum cavity infestation!" ~ seocialization
  8. "Cher's latest foray into plastic surgery goes horribly wrong..." ~ celebgirlz
  9. "You know you want me )" ~ totally-pissed-off
  10. "The latest winner of America's Next Top Hot Mess" ~ anonymous
  11. "♫ Come a little bit closer you're my kind of man so big and so strong... ♫" ~ WillThink4Wine
  12. "Wanna see my crabs?" ~ beyondleftfieldnet
  13. "Smile when your face is breaking smile when you need a dentist smile and the whole world will smile with..ummm....at you!" ~ shinade
  14. "Floss? What's floss?" ~ star8278
  15. "Gee I hope no one notices I had to draw on my eyebrows with a grease marker!" ~ mouseski
  16. "Turning that frown upside - down. No ... wait ... still a frown." ~ torontocitylife
  17. "One *hell* of a personality." ~ torontocitylife
  18. "Great. And now there's vomit all over my keyboard." ~ torontocitylife
  19. "Straight out of the ugly tree and into a heaping pile of nasty." ~ anonymous
  20. "Matilda knew that the situation was getting worse when her teeth decided to make a break for it." ~ torontocitylife
  21. "See Dinosaurs and Humans CAN mate." ~ castleberryantiques
  22. "I'll bet you didn't notice that my eyebrows are painted on." ~ drilleraa
  23. "Hey yah! i'm colgate confidence..gotcha!" ~ rklivengood
  24. "Look!! There's my dentist! He's the one with no teeth!" ~ vodkamom
  25. "Hey big fellow are you looking for some fun?" ~ singleonlinedatingorg
  26. "And all I wanted was to look like Michael Jackson... - - Angeline Jolie aged 80." ~ crabbyblogginglady
  27. "You can't cure UGLY!" ~ SandyB
  28. "It's all about what's inside if you dare to look that far!!!" ~ lyndaluv
  29. "Hey! It's a mask on my face! Do you want one?" ~ pcsolutions101write_review@yahoojack
  30. "Hey! Girls just wanna have fun!" ~ Nessa
  31. "What do you get when you cross a great white shark with a....." ~ thebobofiles

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  1. need more coffee for that one...LOL!


  2. "I'll bet you didn't notice that my eyebrows are painted on."

  3. "Hey yah! i'm colgate confidence..gotcha!

  4. If I saw her in real life, I would be moving in the opposite direction. That's just too darned scary.

  5. Is he a Filipino Gay?

  6. Sorry....
    There are just no words.....

  7. oh dear,
    this will require some thought!

  8. Geez, Sandee, that's a heck of a thing for me to have to look at first thing in the day! Egad!!

  9. OMG I'm so scary!

  10. Look!! There's my dentist! He's the one with no teeth!

  11. Hey big fellow are you looking for some fun?

  12. woww!! what a girl
    i hope she never laugh again

  13. "You're never fully dressed without a smile!" :}

    Sandee I stopped by to tell you that I see you all over the blogosphere and you seem to be one of the nicest bloggers. Your guest post on Mike's blog was great. He is blessed to have such a wonderful blogbud.

    (I'm harmless, I promise *grins*)

  14. And all I wanted was to look like Michael Jackson...

    --Angeline Jolie, aged 80.

  15. The tip of the Nose is... do I have to say it?

    btw. Thanks for all your courraging comments. I'll be back from time to time during our Vacation.

  16. I thought my teeth were bad rofl. That gave me a giggle thank you!

  17. I don't know what to say.
    I'm just glad she is happy.

  18. Somewhere out there, there is a worn out ugly stick!

  19. All of my thoughts involve MJ and cemeteries. Think I'll leave it alone just so I don't offend anyone...

  20. Poster Child for the Obamacare Cosmetic Surgery and Dental Plans.

  21. "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me"
    Payday Loans

  22. Sorry I wasn't around yesterday... that is one nasty picture.

  23. This one's really funny. lol.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  24. I know ..... i know wat you people are thinking.........well its said as...

    "Million Dollar Smile"

  25. Great thoughts ;)
    So glad for her.


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