Sunday, June 7, 2009


Our oldest granddaughter Sarah graduated from James C. Enochs High School Friday night and it seems like yesterday that she was crawling around under the dining room table.

But as life happens nothing stays the same and she now has completed a milestone in her life and has plans to enter college with the stated goal of becoming a Doctor of Pharmacology.

Your Grandfather and I are so very proud of you sweetheart. Follow your dreams and make your future happen!

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  1. Congratulations, Sarah! Woo Hoo!

    She certainly chose a field she should do very well in, now and in the future. The daughter of a friend of mine became a pharmacist and before she even graduated from college she had 3 or 4 big drug store chains after her!

  2. congrats, your pride is showing through in this post, just in case you did not know.......

  3. Congrats to her mate... Wishing her the best in life... :)

    take care... cheers...

  4. life is good, isn't it?

    May she live a long and happy, fulfilling life!!!

  5. Congratulations to Sarah.
    I know grandma, sometimes they truly make you proud don't they? Half of my blog posts are about the grandcrew.

  6. Oh wow, a PharmD? That is awesome! She will enjoy tremendous success with that degree. I used to work for a large mail order pharmacy provider and the PharmD's were VERY valuable folks in our company.

    YAY Sarah!

  7. Congratulations to Sarah!

  8. Congratulations Sarah!

    Sandee you must be so proud :D

  9. wow, that is wonderful and she is lovely! there are lots of pharma blogs out there!

    smiles, bee

  10. Congrats!

    Good luck with all the future plans.

    (She's very beautiful.)

  11. Congrats to Sarah,your Grand daughter.

  12. Nice to see young people succeed and strive for goals! Congrats to Sarah :-)

  13. Congrats to Sarah. Good luck in the future.

  14. Awwww, what a sweet tribute, and yes, it is true, your pride shows through, and is felt in this post...
    Congrats to Sarah, and again, awwwwwwwwww, so sweet!!!!!!!!
    Much love, hugs and :)))))

  15. Congrats and I can feel that Pride all the way to Tulsa....

    much love

  16. Congratulations. I know you are happy, proud -- and wondering where the years went!!!

  17. So nice to meet your granddaughter and share in her excitement as well as your joy and pride in her accomplishments thus far. Nice to know too that I am sure not alone here in being a doting grandma either! And don't you think we both have darned good reasons for that bit of pride too?
    Many, many congratulations to her for the achievement and to you and you family for weathering the storms that sometimes can knock us back and down a peg or too when dealing with teens and grandkids and such!
    Next video -copy my style and make it a bit longer! LOL Well, maybe I do get a tad carried away with length, huh? But anyway, you know what I mean, I'm sure!


    You go girl. The sky IS the limit. And even that is negotiable.

    I wish you many happy years to come and I grant you the permission to change your mind. (Like I HAVE the power to grant permission. ha.)

    But remember you can do whatever you want.

    And don't forget about that sky thing.

    Pharmacology is a fine plan indeed.

  19. and Sandee ... that is an AWESOME zoom lens!!! It's like you were standing right by her! WOW!

    I am impressed.

    She is a very lovely young lady.

  20. p.s. I was back down to 174.5 today. The FIRST time I have seen a number lower than 175 in QUITE a while.

  21. Sandee, congratulations to Sarah. I know you are proud.

  22. you have lots of reasons to be very proud of Sarah!

    (if she is still crawling around under the table...she was probably celebrating early....just kidding)

  23. Congratulations Sarah, I hope you keep studying, Good luck ;)

  24. Congrats to Sarah. I hope she continues to work hard and that her dreams go true.

  25. Congrats to everyone! That is a great field to get into, she will do well, I am sure.

  26. It's amazing how times flew by;
    after we have passed 29. LOL.

    Last Saturday we had a reunion:
    50 years since we left Primary School
    (in 1959)

  27. Congratulations to Sarah!
    She must be really smart. I hope she'll find success on the field she choose. :)


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