Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best Follower Award

Ettarose of Sanity on Edge and Descartes of If You Write It gave me the coveted Best Follower award. How cool is that? Way!

Here's what Ettarose said:

The best follower award. Yeah for me! Now I am supposed to give this to ten of my followers and put links and all that happy horse shit, but I think I will just give it to a couple of you that have been there even when I posted very little. Some of you have commented on almost every post and for that I am very thankful. Now THAT is a follower. Sandee of Comedy Plus. She absolutely rocks! I love you Sandee!
Here's Descartes picks:
  1. Ami Harikoshi’s Quota-one of my first Twitter followers-I can’t read her blog most of the time, but I can look at the photos. She has been kind enough to re-tweet a number of deeply silly tweets.
  2. Gossip [&] The Devil-another Tweeter bud of mine, gotta love that goth thing.
  3. Lex’s Life-Last of my regular commenting Twitter peeps I could find a blog for. He knew what Slusho was, so he’s alright in my book.
  4. Here and Now 4 Angel-one of my Entrecard blog buddies, a dark and interesting blog, with a hopeful message.
  5. Rants, Thoughts, and Other Things-one of a handful of people who stop by everyday-it’s likely an Entrecard thing.
  6. Comedy Plus-by far my best commenter, thanks for stopping by and saying something so often.
  7. Molly Brogan, author-by far my most frequent Entrecard advertiser-sorry I don’t have more traffic to offer you.
  8. Look Me In The Eye-John Elder Robison is another Twitter Follower, and I am guessing is about my most famous follower, well, outside of Yoko Ono anyway. He wrote one of my favorite reads and he has left the odd comment now and then, which is more than can be said for Yoko.
  9. A Postcard a Day-as the title might suggest, this blog features postcards. I like the optimism of putting ‘a day’ in the blog’s name. Lots of great postcards.
  10. Where The Walls Are Soft-more proof that water seeks its own level. Randomness on a lot of odd and interesting topics. I am always drawn to the little sliding puzzle in the corner. . .
A great big thank you to the both of you.
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  1. "thanks for stopping by and saying something so often". I love that about you, too! hahaha!

  2. Wow, thanks for the link and thanks for all the other links to my other blog buddies.

  3. I give it to you too, ya know???? hey, you are gonna keep getting this one back, think????
    Have a great night, much love, hugs and :))))


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