Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rules Of Washington

If it's worth fighting for, it's worth fighting dirty for.

Don't lie, cheat or steal...unnecessarily.

There is always one more son of a bitch than you counted on.

An honest answer can get you into a lot of trouble.

The facts, although interesting, are irrelevant.

Chicken little only has to be right once.

"NO" is only an interim response.

You can't kill a bad idea.

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you ever tried.

The truth is a variable.

A porcupine with his quills down in just another fat rodent.

You can agree with any concept or notional future option, in principle, but fight implementation every step of the way.

A promise is not a guarantee.

If you can't counter the argument, leave the meeting.
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  1. These are great.
    Hope you're fine!

  2. "The facts, although interesting, are irrelevant" is the Washington Mantra, isn't it?

  3. Now aren't they the truth :-)

  4. they sound more like international rules :)

  5. And Washington is full of porcupines with their quills down.

  6. These sound familiar...Must have seen them somewhere before :o)
    Have a great Wednesday, Sandee!

  7. It kind of reminds me of a joke: what's the difference between Congress and a porcupine?

    The pricks are on the outside of a porcupine ;)

    And while it's apparently true for "trendy" society to lie to get ahead, Miss California told the truth and will survive, despite "trendy" society's effort to punish her for being honest.

  8. That about sums up politicians!

    Have a great day, honey. Big hugs...

  9. and stick your head up your butt before you vote on a bill...

    smiles, bee

  10. Geez, sounds just like the military ca. 1973!

  11. Hi Sandee, this is good. Right away I thought of Miss California, I really respect her. And Donald Trump more now as well.

    Liked your blond joke, I hadn't heard that one before.

    Been missing me? I've been gone. Now I'm blogging about it (slowly) at the JIM'S LITTLE BLOG.

  12. I agree with skunkfeathers.

  13. So very true. Unfortunately our great nation no longer values the principles it was founded upon.

  14. 'If you can't counter the argument, leave the meeting.' - LOL! Can I leave the meeting anyway?...I hate meetings...

  15. These are great Sandee! Have a great week.

  16. Wouldn't it be nice to start all over??

    Even politicians that seem "pretty good" have skeletons in the closet!

  17. Where's Mr. Smith when you need him!
    (Mr. Smith goes to Washington, starring my favorite actor, Jimmy Stewart). Isn't it a shame that some idiot gossip columnist can slam dunk someone but she doesn't have the right to HER opinion? Gag...
    BTW: Where'd you get ahold of my high school grad photo - in the last post?

  18. Oh hahahaha, the comments really enhance the truths of this post, some really great responses... funny people...
    Have a great day, take care, much love, hugs, and :))))

  19. "If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you ever tried."

    There are no truer words are there?

    Thanks for the smiles...hope you have a great time on the boat this weekend!

  20. "The facts, although interesting, are irrelevant."

    My favorite.

    Seconded by "You can't kill a bad idea." As evidenced by how difficult it is to get my kids to drop a dangerous/stupid/"bad" idea once they decide it is a great idea.

  21. I hate Washington, D.C.

    Can't we just clean house and start over?


    Eat Well. Live Well.


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