Thursday, February 5, 2009

Show and Tell

Annie of A Nice Place In The Sun did a post about fashion disasters of the past. This could be clothing, hair or anything that you think is a fashion disaster today. Okay, everyone that knows me has heard me bitch about my mothers mandatory home perms. You think I'm kidding? Please keep the laughter down to a dull roar. Here's the first disaster...

I would beg my mother not to give me a perm, but I always lost the battle. I cringe every time I think about those days. What in the blazes was I wearing here? Good grief it looks awful.

Then came the 70s and it was all about big hair. The bigger the better. Don't forget the curls, because they were the best part. Oh Lord. What a dork! The little man in the picture is my only child Richard.

Keep in mind that my natural color of hair is dishwater blonde. During this period I insisted on jet black hair. What was I thinking? This was my do for several years and then I went for black, straight and it hung to my waist. I was the typical flower child.

These two I'm throwing in because it was the glamor shots that were so in fashion in the late 80s early 90s. Now my hair was very short and way too blonde. I thought I looked so hot though.

What was I thinking?

Thank you Annie for such a fun and embarrassing little show and tell. I'm guessing all of us have photographs that we aren't all that crazy about. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Oh and you can click on any photograph to biggify. It won't make them look better though. Annie you may take any and all for your Show and Tell post. Love you honey.


  1. ::snort:: Loving that perm, Sandee!! It reminds me of the bowl haircuts and pink foam rollers my mother forced me to endure for years!

    I would have to work up the courage to even look at some of my old photos, let alone post them for all the blog nation to see!

  2. Love the stars!
    Fortunately, there weren't many cameras around when I was a fashion disaster, well, except to my wedding tux, my 70's plaid suit and mustache.

  3. Laughing..and clapping my hands! Excellent job, brave one.

    You were an adorable child...and I know you probably hated your hair, but I think it's cute. And what's wrong with your dress?

    Now, your big hair got me. I laughed so hard I couldn't catch my breath.

    And at least your glamor shots brought out your sky blue eyes.

    My glamor shots look like I've been caught in a wind storm.

    Maybe we ought to do a post on Glamor shots? (Smile)

    Also, I'm with Mimi, I really want to see the "flower child" picture.

    You and I share the same hair color, dishwater blond. And it seems like we all go through that period when we want to have black hair, or at least try to become a brunette.

    Actually, I think coloring my hair darker before the perm made the perm worse. It was a terrible experience by all accounts.

    I love this post, and I hope you know that I'm adding your photos to my post, and posting a link to this one.

    You know, like I told Dawn, you're pretty enough to get away with anything. So I hope it isn't too bad.

    Think of all the people you gave a laugh to today. :)))

    Some have even laughed out loud, like me- :)

    Thank you much, much for being such a great sport and friend.

    Huge hug, and love,


    Oh and P.S. I love how you arranged this post. Adding on post recommendations, that's great. And thanks for the shout out to A Nice Place In The Sun.

    I appreciate you~ :))

  4. Gosh, that other comment is long...Sorry. However, I do have one more thing to say, no wait, two more things.

    First, your baby boy/son/man is so adorable you want to gobble him up, and I loved the title of this post; "Show and Tell Annie Style," that's great.

    And I know your baby's a grown man, but he's still your baby~


  5. You are SO beautiful... perm or no perm! And much braver than me ;)

  6. this must be one of the funniest posts you have ever given us!

    There is no way I could ever top I won't even try.

    gotta tell ya...the star earrings and blouse were totally hot you patriot you!

  7. my sisters perms turned out that way also.I do not recall them in the big hair phase(Oh yeh that's right I was living out in Ca,when that happened)
    the last ones look good.thanks for sharing them.

  8. This was a great post! I didn't have the home perm but, I sure remember when my Mom would put those barb-wire rollers in my hair and expect to sleep!

  9. well you've seen my "big hair" photo! ha ha ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  10. I found your link at Annie's and just had to pop right over.

    Oh I had forgotten about those nightmare home perms our mothers made us suffer through.

    My mother always wanted me to look like Shirley Temple.

    You know I wonder how many of us have tragic hair memories because of Shirley Temple?

    For the glamor shots I think you are beautiful.

    And yes I too had huge great big hair in the 70's!

    I wish I had a printer/scanner that was working right now!!

    Great job Sandee!

    P.S. flower child pictures....hummmm??????

  11. Ah, hair of the ages ;) My hair from the 60s-current has undergone some metamorphosizing too, but the color changes are all natural...and at least I still have my hair ;) still look great!

    *I posted from high school to now photos on facebook...I just don't tell under what LOL*

  12. Oh, how funny! I love the glamor shots photo. I remember doing this as well. I am pretty sure there is a shot of me with the exact same pose as you in the first shot! :)

  13. Well I'm sorry but I just couldn't keep my laughter down hahaha! Brilliant! I just wish I had such good photos of my bad hair days. Nobody seemed to want to photograph me, I wonder why hahaha!

    Actually, I rather like your 'glamour shots' hair and wore mine in a very similar way for quite a while, though mine was dark and slightly longer.

    Great photos!

  14. Just like fine wine, better with age.

  15. These pictures are wonderful. I don't dare post mine from teenage years!!!

  16. Actually Sandee, I think from those pics you posted you were a "hottie!" It will be a cold day you know where before I post any pics of myself from way back when. Actually, I rarely post any pictures of myself anyway so that's nothing new.

  17. We always think our own pictures are far worse than they are! I don't see anything wrong with the first one. Everyone had big hair in the seventies, I mean everyone! And your glamour shots look just fine to me!

    Now, you want to talk big hair? When I was away at Catholic school I had no one to cut my curly hair, black hair. Does "Mod Squad" ring any bells?

  18. I think you look too cute as a child, hot with your big hair and precious son and very glamalicious in your last shots! I don't have any glamor shots,but my sister does. LOL

    I was a blond as a child, then my hair started to turn brown and my crazy mother dyed it blond. I was such a tomboy that she never tried that again.

    Thanks for sharing some really good memories via photos with us.

  19. I have to say you certainly looked better with your childhood perm than I did. I have lots of pix I don't want anyone to see. You're very brave to post yours!

    I have given you an award. Come on by and pick it up anytime!

  20. I thought all of your pictures would be in black and white. **snort**

  21. Woooooowwww; Sandee in a nut shell and going trough the time lime, you look better and better or may I say; more and more modern.

    Like Mimi says; I miss the flower child picture :-)

  22. Love the matching earrings in that last one...
    What I remember from the 80s were the oh-so-stylish frizzy perms. Lo-ver-ly. And the 70s, with their wonderfully stylish and comfortable flowery nylons and polyesters... May they be gone forever!

  23. Wooooo HOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!

    (cat calls and whistles)

  24. How fun to see the progression of pics! Marvelous. Sarge is correct--like fine wine...! Kudos to you for being brave enough to show all these pictures. No perms, but I sure had the big, dishwater blond hair. Big hugs, honey!!!

  25. I don't think the last two are bad at all. Very pretty!!!

  26. You look good in all of those photo Sandee! Hugs and loves :)

  27. You are so pretty!
    Cute picture when you were still young!
    You glow with time!
    You are adoringly beautiful!

  28. Oh my lord, I remember the big hair days. Frightening, weren't they?

  29. Yup ... I battled with MY mom too about skipping perms ... begging her NOT to cut my hair since 'pig tails' worked for me ... then a pony tail. These days I do get perms regularly ... but they're not the frizzy home perms mom gave me. I used to have dishwater blond hair until it turned grey.
    Hugs and blessings,


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