Friday, January 30, 2009

Nurse Nancy

Two doctors in practice in a small country clinic had to hire a new nurse when the one they had won the lottery and quit.

They interviewed Nurse Nancy and decided to hire her. She had only worked two days when one doctor called the other to his office and said that they would have to let Nurse Nancy go.

"Why, we just hired her?"

"Well, I think she is dyslexic and gets thing backward. I told her to give Mr. Smith two shots of morphine every 24 four hours, but she gave him 24 shots in two hours and it almost killed him. I told her to give Mrs. Jones an enema every twelve hours and she gave her twelve in one hour."

The doctor had barely finished his reasons when the other doctor rushed out of the room.

"Where are you going in such a hurry?" the doctor asked.

"To find Nancy, I just instructed her to prick Mr. Hill's Boil!"

Stolen From Hale McKay of It Occurred To Me


  1. OMG... poor old Mr. Hill :)

  2. Okay, I've uncrossed my legs enough to get to the desk to comment :-)

  3. Priceless! That one was a great one. I have such a mental picture. He ha ha ha

  4. The best one I have heard today ;-)

  5. Oh my I hope he saved Mr. Hill. I love this one. I should send it to Tammy.:-)

  6. I could not even imagine what she would do to Mr. Hill :o)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Sandee!

  7. Laughing...Whew! Close call. (LOL)

    The comment I'm writing is huge from my end. I hope it goes through.

    I'm about to pull my hair out it's so frustrating. But, at least, I can leave a comment today.

    I wonder, can you see my elements on the bottom of my page, or is that just from my angle?

    Anyway, thanks for the laugh as usual, and happy Friday~

    Big hug and love,



  9. Ha ha!! Wa sitting here tired and in need of a good laugh and that certainly hit the spot....

    Thanks very much :)

  10. Hahahaha! That's brilliant!

  11. Oh hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, that is toooo funny... in my caregiving I just had to work with a Nurse Nancy and her team, members of her team would tell the poor guy that we are caring for that he was a diabetic, or that he has Parkinsons disease, and other stuff which he does not have... kind of scary, but, he is sharp enough to tell them, who SAID I have Parkinsons disease, who SAID I am diabetic, in which case they look in their little mini profiles and find their mistake... funny stuff, but not good... much love, hugs and :))))

  12. Well, some people do prefer boiled sausage, as apposed to broiled sausage. Baahaaahaa Excellent joke. Thanks for the laugh.

  13. At least he didn't prescribe a dozen of these boilings. Poor guy. ;-) Good joke.

    Even after you said Hoax, some of these kept on. It would just be too bad as far as I am concerned. I wouldn't respond on-line or by phone at any rate.

    I did a hoax on my blog about Texas Holsteins. It got a lot of Google hits, I was afraid students were doing their research. I put a big red disclaimer on that one.

  14. Youch! That doesn't sound good at all!!

  15. Lois: Bwahahahahahahahaha!

    Hubby Hank: Bwahahahahahahahaha!

    Good one!

  16. WOW!! So many people named Abelle ... "hi" Abelle :-)

    I vote for a recount

  17. Speedcat Hollydale - Haha! So there's where all my clicks went. After clicking publish, the page did not reload, so I click again and still nothing happened. I refreshed the page and the rest is history ;o)

    Sandee - Sorry about that ;o)

  18. That's bound to leave a mark!

  19. I hope you have a great weekend!

  20. I hope Mr Hill is ok! LOL! I hope I never have a nurse like this one! ouch! LOL!

    Love and Blessings,

  21. Ohmygosh ... hope he made it in time!
    Hugs and blessings,


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